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Michigan Game Thread

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Al- good kid and gave IU all he had. Congrats on a good IU career.


This... is what I expected, but it is still hard to see. Other teams making us look stupid, exposing our simplistic game plans. Just not good enough. And there is nothing to show me there are ANY chances for improvement. Sad.

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They've earned senior speeches with 4 years of hard work and dedication. I'm sure that don't love the results either, they're more frustrated than any of us on message board, but they've earned senior

I'm really don't mean this to be rude or to be going at you, but as someone that played 4 years of college basketball, and for a program that wasn't great, your take on this is borderline offensive. 

Juwan Howard is doing a tremendous job.  With that said, I hate this narrative the media pushed that Howard is "restoring Michigan basketball"   Hugely disrespectful to John Bielein who is t

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This team is not even fun to watch and they play such a boring style of basketball.  Archie has to go because his team has totally tuned him out and quit.  they play with no emotion just like Archie shows no emotion and has no personality at all.  I don't know why he will do a press conference after the game because he says the same mundane things after each game.

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