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National Scene 2021(Not BIG)

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10 hours ago, Billingsley99 said:

I see Georgia rolling Bama

Michigan narrow victory over Iowa

Houston beats Cincy on a late FG

Okst beats Baylor 124 to 120 in the defense optional conference championship 

Good thing you're not a betting man.   😂  You're looking at 0-3 right now.

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7 minutes ago, Hoosier51 said:

Looks like CFP will be Alabama, Cincy, Georgia and probably Meatchicken U assuming they beat the Hawkeyes.

 No clear favorite in my opinion, this could be one of the weakest CFP there has been.

While they're not as strong as usual, I think Bama is the favorite. 

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First of all I know this would never happen.  Seeing the promotion about next week's Army/Navy got me thinking what if one of these two teams were good enough for the CFP.  Since they play the week after the selection show and the other conference championships how would they handle this situation.

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