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It's time.... HIRE BRAD STEVENS!

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Just now, Hoosierfan1901 said:

Move on, he doesn’t want the job

I think he wants the job for the basketball purpose, but I don't think he wants to recruit and deal with the pressure.  Boston is a pressure cooker for sure, but a different kind of animal.

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honestly, i still say that Stevens can't say anything else at this point whether he is interested or not.  that said, please tell me the order is Beard next then Musselman.  i am assuming Drew is out and so is Bennett.  go Beard, Musselman, then if neither Beilein?  

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1 minute ago, Parakeet Jones said:

0708 said on BTB an hour or so ago that denials would ratchet up this evening. This is a bit stronger of a denial than I was expecting though. 

I really think people need not take these "insiders" seriously 

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