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I doubt many rivals are looking forward to battling this dude once Coach Woodson get his hands on him. Just wreaks of bada$$.  

Oh lord help us. @dbmhoosier is now our voice of reason.

He went to IU, played hard, and decided he didn’t want to stay through a coaching change. Anyone who wishes him anything other than good luck needs to look in the mirror a bit IMO. 

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3 minutes ago, Muddy River said:

I agree with Blue.  I don't want to see it excessively, but I remember Sheehey flexing in front of the purdue bench and most people loved it.  We do need a little of that.

I'll take all the juice we can have and more. I want kids excited and if somebody gets their feathers ruffled...so be it. That's on them. 

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2 minutes ago, tdhoosier said:

Versatility. I always thought Rob was pretty good off the ball if need be. 


Rob will be fine - with a faster paced offense, we will need fresher legs. Plus the way he defends, he will find plenty of playing time. Personally, I look for him to be a breakout player next year. I always felt he was being "held back."

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13 minutes ago, Reacher said:

Was over on TDH and see their server went down after the news- https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/pitt-transfer-xavier-johnson-commits-to-indiana/

@The Daily Hoosier better reach out to @HoosierFaithful

I liked the sound of this line: 

“This is not an indictment on anything that Pittsburgh basketball did,” Martin said. “But I think he wants to go somewhere that he’s trusted. I think he wants to go somewhere that he has a legitimate shot at winning, and I think he wants to go somewhere where he impacts the winning. Not saying that he didn’t have that at Pitt, but that’s what he’s saying he wants now.”

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