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2023 PG Gabe Cupps Commits to Indiana

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This is awesome.  I like this kid’s game.  I hope the Craft comps are fair.  That kid was a thorn in our side for years.  

I also like and appreciate going into Ohio and pulling a good recruit.  Now let’s do the same in Illinois and to some extent Michigan.  These are the states that provided winning teams.  

Scott May Ohio 

Buckner IL

Isaiah IL

Daryl Thomas IL

Steve Eyl Ohio

Calloway Ohio 

Fife Michigan 

Those are a lot of key guys on championship teams.  

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18 hours ago, Seeking6 said:

I'll go to my grave saying the 2002 team/model is how I want our teams constructed. 2-3 shooters peppered with elite talent like JJ. Overall a smart team with an edge of cockiness/confidence. It was Knight's last recruiting class and I still think it plays today.

I see some of those traits in our current squad and I see it in our recruits coming in. Just keep that model going with maybe 1 more elite guy each year....Bates, JHS types or stack those each year so we have at least 2-3 top 30 guys (whether new or returning) on the court.


If Kirk Haston had come back for his senior year....no doubt that team might have won it all. It had all the right elements...certainly not the most talent but the right mix!

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  • KDB changed the title to 2023 PG Gabe Cupps Commits to Indiana
3 minutes ago, Billingsley99 said:

Can't see anyway that this is anything other than a great shout out. Having LBJ call you nephew and and congratulations is really cool and can't hurt the IU image.

Doesn't hurt one bit. Ever. Bringing that attention to the 812 is never a bad thing.

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