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Noah Clowney (2022) Commits to Alabama

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For those who want to follow along, here's the link for Noah's crystal ball:


The fact that he's announcing Monday and there is only one medium confidence prediction as of now is a good indicator of how quiet the family has kept the decision.  I know IU feels good about where they are, but I can't wait to get past Monday.

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Monday could be a fantastic day. Noah seems like a great kid and great talent. I'm just as impressed with the family. That's the kind of family you want on your side as a program. I can see them in the stands at the Final Four leading the charge in their IU gear.

For those paying attention, Noah is yet another recruit that meets the description of players Coach Woodson said he wants to add. It would cap off a great recruiting class (easily Top 10) that becomes the foundation of everything they are trying to build. And Noah become the centerpiece for all of it.




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7 hours ago, Hoosierdave said:

I don’t like scrutinizing these interviews too much but it did stick out to me that the only school he “loves the coaching staff and their experience” was IU.


Hey not trying to rock the boat but this was a little later of an interview after Clowney visited Alabama. I hope he still comes to IU but it seems like Bama made a really big push. Once again though scrutinizing and reading way too much into it is all I am doing. I still believe RTZ that he will be a Hoosier! 



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