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Noah Clowney (2022) Commits to Alabama

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4 hours ago, Indykev said:

NIL has to get better. Its a huge deal now. T-shirts and autograph money wont cut it

Woodson and this staff proving they can win at IU is what will get things started. NIL is the next part. Companies like to spend money on a winner because that gets peoples attention. If IU wins then that will get some recruits on that alone then the money should start being there to get for recruits that winning, player development, and things like that aren't enough for. 

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I hope nothing but the best for Noah and his family. Disappointed, yes. But it's his life. And you never know - he could still end up at IU some day with the way the portal works now. 

The silver lining is IU will be forced to find someone else and that player will likely be older, more experienced, possibly stronger and better able to help immediately. IU still has three quality players already lined up for that class before they even get to the portal for next season.

Looking forward - what can IU do to land more quality players? Win big this season. That's the focus now. What can put IU over the top on a close call for a recruit? Set up the best NIL program in the country because other programs are not going to hold back. How can IU fans help? Pack the building and prove we are the best fans in the country.

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  • KDB changed the title to Noah Clowney (2022) Commits to Alabama
4 hours ago, iuswingman said:

Clowney will get some experience at alabama and then transfer to iu as a junior.... they are a feeder program to us lol

Maybe in the past. I like what Woodson's done so far but Oats was my top choice to replace Archie. I love his style, and with those football resources all they're lacking is the will to win at basketball. Can't blame Clowney at all for his decision. Now I just need to see how Woodson responds, to fill that need on the roster.

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