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Noah Clowney (2022)

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On 8/19/2021 at 11:29 AM, dwtaylor1055 said:

I want the first visit always.  Impress any kid before anyone else gets a chance.  

As long as they cancel the remaining visits, I'm good with being first.  Otherwise, I would rather have the last word. 

This guy could be the last piece in an outstanding 4-man class.

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Gunn, Banks, Hood-Schifino....and hopefully Clowney.

But the trend is striking.  Good players, yes.  But how about length and versatility all over the court?  Clowney fits that to a tee.  Clowney also complements Duncomb perfectly IMO.  

We shouldn't get killed on the wings anymore, and we should be tough on both ends.


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On 8/19/2021 at 10:01 AM, cybergates said:

– Indiana – August 27
– Florida – September 3
– Virginia Tech – September 10
– Alabama – September 24

IU and VaTech seem to be the two standouts from the comments. Bama sounds like he's trying to justify them being in his top 4/getting an OV. FL doesn't sound good at all, but they do get to make their pitch on his OV.

Sounds like we're sitting pretty well with him, but VaTech and Bama getting the visits after ours is a bit troubling.

I agree.. I wish we were the last visit. I think it’s between us and Bama. 

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22 minutes ago, IUfaninIllinois said:

Is he that good? I know nothing about him or his skillset

I just really like the idea of his length and athleticism to go with other pieces we should have in place. His type is something we haven’t seen at IU in a while I believe. 

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