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Jerome Hunter will not return

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1 minute ago, ATX_sig said:

Not surprised since steam and stories starting popping up about Durr.  Seems Hunter and Rob would be the top candidates to move on. Fife talked up Rob. 

Think there´s more with Hunter. Didn´t sound like Woody was a fan of his off court stuff. 

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1 minute ago, Stlboiler23 said:

Scale of 1-10, how surprised are you guys?

1-10 that someone left....2...there was way too much interest being shown to guys in the portal that suggested someone was moving on. That it was Hunter...5. I thought any of our wings were very likely to move on...followed by Rob and Race. It's a scoring threat and a guy that shown offensive flashes but also one that has not lived up to (mostly due to injuries) of expectations. I love our guys so I hate to see any go but with the addition of Kopp and Bates....Jerome was the odd man out...especially with Geronimo coming back.

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Not too upset about this one... Mike Woodson recruited over him with Kopp.  It’s a shame he could never live up to the hype with his leg condition.

An athletic, shot blocking big is a more pressing need for this roster anyway.  Let’s see who Mike Woodson brings in.

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3 minutes ago, Seeking6 said:

3-4....we knew someone was going. Probably will be another 1. Anymore I'm not surprised about anything I see in the transfer world.

Yeah...agree. I think we see 1 more go once the team fully gets active after the semester is up and kids all get here. Someone is going to see where they measure up and decide it's best I look for an opportunity elsewhere. 1 more would make sense. I'm honestly surprised so many came back to begin with....but lets be honest..this team underachieved...and now faced with stiffer competition for playing time...some times you have to separate the wheat from the chaff.

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3 minutes ago, bluegrassIU said:

Well, finally something to get the board alive again.  Lol

Good luck to Jerome. I am thinking this was more of not fitting the culture shift as much as talent/ability.

But, but, but some of the guys weren't done dragging Crean through the mud....I jest.

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