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2021-2022 Schedule

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16 hours ago, go_iu_bb said:

I agree that it's a weaker schedule at the top than most years but the weaker teams also aren't quite as weak as the bottom teams recently. I mean, it seems like the last few seasons there were a handful of games each year with teams ranked 300+. Overall, a weaker non-conference schedule.

I think it's a good thing. Recently the selection committee has cared more about win totals than schedule strength and the conference schedule will get IU to a respectable SOS, good enough that as long as they have a good record with no bad losses they should get in the NCAAT. 

I think this non-conference schedule is weak enough that IU should have a very good record entering the B1G season. It will also allow the team to mesh while working out the kinks in a new system and Woodson to get some college coaching experience while also no sacrificing much needed wins (hopefully). Of course, the flip side is that a non-conference loss to any of the teams except Syracuse and St John's will likely end up as a bad loss so they really need to win all of those.

agree on all points

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15 hours ago, IUFLA said:

I honestly believe this is another master stroke by Dolson/Matta/Woodson...

In future years, when recruits see 25 wins in 2021-22, they won't care about who those wins were against. They'll know Coach Woody was the coach and proved he could win at the collegiate level, which is really the only unchecked box in his tenure so far at IU.

As the years go on, we'll have a better schedule as we get more prime recruits...and the win total will take care of itself...

I agree!  😁

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On 9/9/2021 at 12:25 PM, Seeking6 said:

One scheduling oddity and I've heard from other Big 10 schools as well. IU has only 5 Saturday conference games all year....and only one at home vs Illinois. All 4 others on road vs Purdue, Sparty, Maryland, and Ohio St. 

As we all know Saturday crowds are just a tad more juiced. Weird that we have 80% of our Saturday games on the road. Something to keep an eye on. 

BTN/Fox calling the shots here, they want "content" for Fri/Sun instead of Saturday. The price you pay for raking in that big TV $$.

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9 hours ago, BruceDouglas said:

BTN/Fox calling the shots here, they want "content" for Fri/Sun instead of Saturday. The price you pay for raking in that big TV $$.

Yeah they know that Indiana no matter if at home or on the road will bring in ratings. If Coach Woodson gets the Hoosiers back on track like expected, watch out the ratings will go through the roof. 👍

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3 minutes ago, Inequality said:

What is B1G+? Is it online only and have to have a sub?

Yes. On top of that, I believe they don't even produce it themselves, they just use the schools' student productions. It's basically a money grab where they can charge fans $10/month for something that costs them very little.

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1 hour ago, dbmhoosier said:

What's the cheapest way to get B1G network?  I see Sling blue for $35 which includes FS1 plus you can add the sports package which has B1G for $11 so $46.  Anything cheaper?



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