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On 8/7/2021 at 11:33 PM, BGleas said:

We haven't talked about them much, if at all, but our women's basketball team is really fun to watch. 

They're up 20 in the Gold Medal game against Japan. Bird and Taurasi will be 5-time Gold Medalists. 

I wonder if this is a sport that the rest of the world will EVER catch up with us in? At least soccer is a world wide phenomenon that is very passionately played and supported all over. It's taking awhile but you can see the rest of the world making leaps and bounds improvement and catching up to the US. Even women's professional leagues across the world. It's a sport that can hold it's own financially. Like men's basketball the women should enjoy an advantage given it's longer establishment and simply many of the best athletes in sports play women's soccer. I just don't see that ever happening in basketball. Women's professional basketball is a joke (revenue). It's a tax write off for the owners. It loses money. I can't ever see it being successful more than it is already no matter how much money get's sunk into it. With that said I don't ever see women's international leagues being successful or even surviving to launch a global trend or support enough great players to ever compete against our women. Let me put it this way....I bet Purdue Basketball wins a national championship before US Women's basketball loses a Gold medal (barring some kind of withdrawal/boycott).

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26 minutes ago, Proud2BAHoosier said:

Disappointed in the USA mens baseball team losing to Japan 2-0. Just like in the Little League World Series I guess.....

Baseball to me is a game best played in a series to determine the best team….although even College World Series you can get a hot team or bats go cold. A lot of pressure in a winner take all one game for it all. One Hot pitcher can easily shut down a team. Not saying that is what happened and we shouldn’t have won but it’s much harder to dominate.

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I have to admit I did watch and enjoyed some sports I've not paid much attention to before. I normally watch BBall, and Womens Vball (Indoor and Out),,some mens vball if the US playing. 

This year I did like the short bursts of track I could watch on selected channels. Field events were OK.  

I got sucked into Handball, confusing at first, but with a couple minor tweeks this game could be really fun to watch and seems like something old dudes could play at the Y

Wrestling - While I avoided it at all costs in high school, I enjoyed watching free style. The Steveson gold match was amazing. Plus there were 3 or 4 other great matches. The HvyWgt girl was awesome.  I couldn't watch Grecko at all.

Badminton - Holy crap, I never realized how much I suck at backyard badminton. It was incredibly fast, basically you have to be a 6 ft mongoose to play.  Pretty much the same with Ping Pong, our current PP table will continue to be for folding laundry only. 

I didn't mind the format, I like having many channels to pick from. I also didn't look ahead to see who won whatever I was watching. I didn't watch much of the emotional hype stuff they show.  


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