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BTW, the other 2 significant events that happened in that game 5 were the first grand slam in WS history (the Indians Elmer Smith) and the first home run by a pitcher...Jim Bagby Sr, (take that, DH lovers!😁) whose son, Jim Bagby Jr induced Joe DiMaggio to hit into a double play in the 8th inning of a Yankees/Indians game in 1941 to break Joltin' Joe's 56 game hitting streak...

Little known fact, Heinz company had promised DiMaggio a $10,000 check, no small potatoes in 1941, if he could match the 57 they had on their labels...

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30 minutes ago, Steubenhoosier said:


Bill Freehan, Tiger catcher. Caught when Denny McClain had his 31 win season.

Unfortunately, Bill passed within the last week or so. Alzheimer’s I believe.

RIP Bill...pretty good catcher...

Not in the HoF, but has a higher WAR than, well, Yadier Molina for one...😉

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2 minutes ago, IUFLA said:

The first guy is definitely Ernie Lombardi...and the third I think is Frank McCormick...I'll take a wag and say the middle guy is Bucky Walters...

All 3 were on the 1940 Reds World Series champions?

That would be my guess on the middle guy as well.  You're correct on the other two, IUFLA.

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