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Noted Racing Writer, Broadcaster, Motorsports Hall-of-Famer Robin Miller Dies at 71

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3 minutes ago, Billingsley99 said:

Knew it was coming and sad to see. I could crack a beer and listen to that guy talk honest racing for hours. Any form of car or series. He knew everyone and everything. Tough loss for the racing community.

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There is a great two part interview with Miller at https://doctorindy.com/audio-downloads/. He has been around so long that he feels like family and it feels as bad to lose him. The interview covers racing, his time at the Indystar covering the local sports teams, as well as stories about Slick Leonard and Bob Knight. If you remember any of the old Indianapolis Star / News reporters you'll probably enjoy the interview. If you only knew of Robin from racing, you'll be surprised by the number of local sports people who were in his circle. I knew this was coming, but it hurts just the same.

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17 minutes ago, Zuckerkorn said:

Robin was good friends with Joe Brunk (Joey's dad), before he died.

He had great stories about travelling with the Pacers as a young pup, to things George McGinnis did as a HS football player, to all his connections in open wheel racing.  There haven't been many like him!

I love the story of when Robin was young and a Pacer's wife and girlfriend were both at the airport to greet them and Robin jumped on the grenade and took the girlfriend back to a hotel so her and the player cold meet up later. Guess that happened more than once

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