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1 hour ago, Indykev said:

I know we have hijacked this kids thread but here is my coach Knight story and why I will always love the man. My dad was a pastry chef at a private club in SC. A member brought coach there and knew my dad was a big IU fan, so he brought him into my dads bake shop. They talked for a bit and coach signed a chef jacket for my dad. 2 weeks later my dad received a box. ups from coach Knight. In the box was 10 different IU polos and an autographed red sweater. A note from coach that said I didnt see anything Indiana in your shop, hope this helps, Bob Knight. My dad died a couple of years ago and still had the shirts in his closet.

That's an awesome story and right in line with all I know about Coach. Those kind of stories make Indiana basketball so special. I have Coach Knight stories, my 2 oldest have great Coach Davis and Crean stories and I hope Ayden and eventually my grandkids have some great Coach Woodson stories.

Thank you for sharing.

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