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Cincinnati game thread

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1 minute ago, BGleas said:

He's a fairly inexperienced senior given all of the injuries. Has he ever played a full season at IU?

True but that is not a young player…been in the program for a long time. As a qb I guess I expect them to be one of the smartest guys on the field….bothers me more I suppose.

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Just now, Joe_Hoopsier said:

We aren't playing Iowa and we haven't given 21 points away on 2 interceptions and 1 very bad offensive plays.

I meant Iowa made us pay…we just haven’t maximized the damage the way we should have. Hope we don’t regret it.

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1 minute ago, dgambill said:

Should be a 3 score game. Iowa had buried us by this point.

Maybe. The 4th down and TO have kept them pinned deep in their own territory the entire quarter. Maybe it got our defense fired up to make stops. Impossible to speculate how things might have been.

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