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Penn State Game Thread

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1 minute ago, Reacher said:

Refs heard you and called holding, lol

Right! Start making some calls now that the game is out of hand. I don't think there's any big conspiracy or anything, but it is insane how bad B1G officiating is in favor of higher ranked teams every year. There are a few outlier games, but those sure seem to be rare.

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10 minutes ago, BGleas said:

They may not matter to you, but they matter to coaches, programs, etc. Even dumb stats getting mentioned in the media "Indiana hasn't been shutout since XYZ..." Those things get mentioned in the media, on twitter, etc., etc., and recruits see that stuff, it gets used, etc. 

Might as well avoid the shutout if you can. 

To me getting 3 points does not help lessen the look of a butt whoopin.  To me it is like if your basketball ball team was down 35 but cut it down to 18 in mop up time

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