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The Zodiac Killer named??????

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7 hours ago, Billingsley99 said:

Not had anytime yet to look into it. I just want to see the cyhper correctly broken

I've looked into it a bit, and it sounds like there is very little evidence that backs up their claim. I've read that there have been tons of people looked into whose names have worked for the cipher.

I had to laugh at the side by side picture they say looks like the drawing. One of their big points is that the wrinkles/scars on his forehead match up to the drawing. That's a hell of a memory for the person talking to the sketch artist to know the exact direction of all the wrinkles and scars on the killer's forehead! I don't think it looks all that much like him anyways.

This is a case I've always liked following, so I was really excited when I first read this yesterday, but unfortunately it doesn't sound very good.

From what I've seen, it sure seems like they are just looking for publicity. Wouldn't be surprised to hear they have a book coming out soon. I think they did something similar with D.B. Cooper.


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