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One week guys.....one more painful, slow week!!

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8 hours ago, dgambill said:

Tip off a week from tonight.....on BTN. I can't wait to see the pregame thread get started...it will finally feel real!!

Oops....I see it's up!!! WOOHOO! Any game night parties, food, trips? Who is going?

I will be there with my dad! Can’t freaking wait to feel the vibes walking in there on game day! 

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On 11/2/2021 at 3:19 PM, dbmhoosier said:

Anyone going?  I was listening to Chronic Hoosier this morning and he said there's plenty of cheap tickets available.  The 6 pm start sucks.

I’ll be there as always - only 1 game that I have to miss this year that I know of.

As far as cheap tickets go, check out this ticket board…..


Posts pertaining to the first 2 basketball games (and any remaining football games) are pinned to the top. Activity is pretty brisk so new posts are popping up daily so check back from time to time.

Oh and, the ticket board is not a premium board so anyone can use it when looking for tickets or looking to sell tickets. Season ticket holders use it when they want to have their seats used by IU fans and don’t want to pay the ridiculous seller fees on StubHub.  Management here has been open to posts referencing the ticket board since there is not a similar board here.

Go Hoosiers!!!

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