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Any word about Galloway?

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3 hours ago, NotIThatLives said:

Yeah, i agree.  Don't think there was intent.  Just breaking his own fall.  It was wreckless, Mathis put both of them in compromising positions, Trey got seriously injured.  I thought Trey hit his head at first look.  

Hoping Trey heals quickly.  Thankfully his off hand.  He can still move and keep conditioning and probably start shooting a little before too long.  In the end, no head injury and not a major set back.  If Mathis pulls some crap like that again, his coach may need to sit him personally.  

This is extremely minor, but I think as the camera was on him and his coach while they reviewed. You could read the coaches lips saying something like, that was a dumb move.

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It looked to me like he didn't initially plan to do anything like that. It appeared he planned to just foul hard to make sure Galloway wouldn't be able to get a good shot and would have to earn the points at the line. Then he missed and only got hit his arm. At this point it was a snap decision to either have a weak slap on the arm foul which would likely end up as a plus one or do something more. He decided to go with the something more which was grab and pull. Unfortunately for both of them, their relative positions and momentums made this a very dangerous play that resulted in a broken wrist.

I don't think it was ever malicious in intent but that he just wanted to foul hard. He went about it in a poor way. I agree with the ejection.

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Trey will be fine and back in action in about 4 weeks. 

How do I know this, you ask? 

Well, for brevity I broke both my bones above my left wrist while playing football. I couldn't even touch my thumb to my forefinger and I puked and my wrist swelled up to the size of a softball.  I broke my shizz hard. 

That said, I had a clean break, but Trey has world class medical treatment available.  If he broke his left arm like I did I wanted to keep playing, because I'm right handed, and he is he can still shoot. 

Bust casts are hard and that's I couldn't play until it came off because of liability.  3-5 days after a broken bone, you're fine if you're not a wimp.  Pain doesn't last that long. Takes about 3-4 weeks to get function back.

Once my feelings came back(about 3 weeks) to my fingers I cut the cast off with some tin snips. My doctor was pissed.  

I've broke 15 bones I know about. I'm used to it.

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