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7 hours ago, DougWil said:

Doesn't this position change likely mean Dexter Williams (a redshirt sophomore who was injured last season) was in front of McCulley on the depth chart and is next in line?  

I would hope so but I have no idea. All I’ve read is that it was a “2 horse race” and so DMC was headed to the WR room. Dex hasn’t played a single down yet in college but hopefully he’s been impressive in practice? To Btown’s point, he likely could qualify as a freshman if he wants to with the covid year and injury year. Sadly, unless someone gets injured, he’s not likely to get any reps this year with Conor and Tuttle jockeying for as many as they can get. 

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On 6/10/2022 at 11:11 AM, PAHoosier said:

Could be a huge 6’5” target

I saw this on Twitter. I hope he doesn't leave. He looked talented but lost, not to mention the offense we were running with him was terrible. He needs to gain strength, but this is probably the right move for him long term. Seems like guys who switch positions get lost in the cracks or get frustrated with the transition and time it takes to get back on the field then leave. 

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I am not shocked about the McCulley news:

1.  He is still young enough that there is still plenty of time for him to learn the position.

2.  He should understand route concepts and reading defenses from being a QB.

3.  If you get the ball in his hands, he runs assertively and confidently.  

4.  CTA was clearly not happy with what happened last year.  In one of the pressers late he muttered something about dual QB's still needing to be able to complete passes (the other half of the dual).

5.  You knew CTA wasn't happy because the walkon from Noblesville literally played.

6.  If he has good hands and can run routes, he can be really good if he works.  He is a beast with the ball in his hands.

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