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  2. Thing of beauty. He had some good runs earlier so I was happy we tried their right side as they had our left pretty well covered all night.
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  4. Hoosiers are going to the NCAA Championship game! Incredible program.
  5. Watching more and more college baseball... We aren't talented enough quite yet. Specifically at the SS, C, and one starting pitcher spots. Watching these SEC teams... we have a lot of guys that would play at those schools, but SS and C are a problem.
  6. Add me to the list of probables. Last Jan 11 woke up feeling off. Went to a game in Bloomington and afterwards passed out in the truck. Wife took me home and I barely could get to bed. Had a fever of 103. Slept a couple days. Headaches, shortness of breath, low grade fever that would just come and go randomly. Lasted 3 weeks, low energy, end up calling in to work 6 times total. Then she got it, same thing.
  7. Only half of the CDC and FDA employees are vaccinated ??? What do they know that we don't?
  8. Some people think China isn't even a threat, either economically or militarily...
  9. Understand... I wonder how long it'll be before we see Jerome's name in the portal...seems to me the earlier the better...rosters are filling up fast...
  10. To me it's a perfect game for Gameday. Lee Corso has been trying to push a game at IU as his career ends. Would be a perfect day for the national spotlight to be in Bloomington.
  11. Just assume the drunk guy making fun of the OSU fans for spelling their 4 letter state is me.
  12. It's the first time in years I've cross referenced Bears vs IU Football schedule so I'm not out of town for Bears game when IU is playing. This year works great. Bears in Vegas Oct 10th and IU has a bye that weekend. We chose that game because home with Ohio St is Oct 23rd.....Bears in Tampa the next day. Won't be missing that Ohio St game for anything.
  13. I have been married for 14 years myself. The social media stuff was around when I was dating my wife but it was not like it is today. I don't necessarily know the etiquette either, but if I got kicked off the team, I would want that I was leaving as quiet as possible. At least until I found a place to land. Honestly, I was just trying to provide an alternative to the idea he was not liked by his teammates.
  14. Completely agree, and especially when Hunter himself hasn't posted anything. Most of the time when teammates post a "congrats" its a retweet or repost of that players announcement and Hunter hasn't announced anything publicly yet.
  15. In Dec 2019 my son was sicker than he has ever been. Negative for both Flu A and B. I swear it was Covid. His finance tested positive last fall and he never caught it and had to get tested every other day and they were all Negative. I think it was here.much earlier than Spring 2020.
  16. I hope your right. A packed stadium, with most still in attendance in the 4th quarter, would go a long way in helping the momentum continue. I really hope people show up in meaningfully greater numbers this year. Like everyone else I’m very excited with what Allen is doing.
  17. It's been 40 years since I've had a girlfriend, and this is the only form of social media I participate in...I'm not aware of the "rules" anymore for either... Just seems like everything is handled so publicly these days...
  18. Had to have been. My brother's sister in law had a horrible respiratory deal in February 20 that almost hospitalized her. Loss of smell and taste, fever, fatigue. They are all convinced that was it. Oh the documentaries that will come out about this one day. Meanwhile, what are we doing about the origin and source of the virus??? It's been basically common knowledge from almost day one where this came from. How do they get a free pass? I guess the economics of retaliation isn't worth it. How do you retaliate? Maybe you can't prove it was on purpose? China has a sick
  19. I think Matt Jones would be a better comp?
  20. I dont think he was fit for a starting QB. I think someone absolutely could have used him just like the Saints did with Hill.
  21. My wife and her friends went to Greece in January of 2020. When they returned 3 of the 8 (including her) were really sick for 2 weeks. Dry cough, zero energy....sleeping all the time. Didn't think much of it at the time other than thinking it was the flu....looking back we are pretty sure they had Covid and just didn't know it. Locally I think it was Logansport school systems had like 30-40% of students out with what they thought was the flu. Maybe it was something else all along?
  22. I’m sure they’ll offer congrats when he commits to a new school.
  23. Maybe in person but not on social media. I guess in one case (Al) you are posting a celebration of their next challenge. So you can view that as a positive. "Good luck my guy, tear it up at Providence(?)" If it was true that Hunter was asked to leave, that is not like a celebratory thing. "Hey, congrats you got booted from the team..." To me that is a situation you don't put on social media. Think of it like the girlfriend. When you dump her and move on to someone else, that is something that your friends may be cool to congratulate you on. When she dumps you, that is not really a
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