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  2. There is honestly not anything wrong with it. It's certainly not too over the top like we saw with some of the previous losses.
  3. From the looks at the past few posts it sounds like I shouldn’t even bother reading the thread lol. Tough game last night but hopefully the team can regroup and beat the 💩 out of PU on Saturday.
  4. Awesome and very, very underrated venue. Cheap Trick and 38 Special coming this Spring.
  5. Agreed that there's no reason to overreact because of a road loss, but that game illustrates exactly why we need XJ in order to be a top 15 team. With him out, we only have 2 playmakers. If one of them is having an off night like JHS last night, we have nobody else that can fill that secondary playmaker role. Also, XJ is by far our best perimeter defender, which we sorely needed last night. I just think without XJ we have a significantly lower ceiling, though are still a tournament level team. With him (and a healthy TJD and JHS), I think we have the potential to be a very good to elite team.
  6. Here's a Ferris Bueller saying getting ready to happen. So my good friends brother's roommate in college was the lead design guy for the MLB App. Funny part he doesn't even like baseball....but he would give us the code each year to get all the games for free on our phone. I don't even bother with it anymore. Baseball and my Cubs have broken my spirit in recent years.
  7. Seriously? 3 things are always 1. Groin shots to umpires & catchers 2. Uranus jokes 3. Ex wife jokes
  8. I was born at the end of 1990---- Don't know much about the world during Cold War, but I do know I like the music!
  9. Why? Why would you even exert the energy to post something like this? What kind of response do you hope to obtain from this? Folks think before you post. It’s not that hard,
  10. Today
  11. So after having a night to reflect a little from the game here are a couple takeaways I saw... First the obvious...The officiating was suspect at best and comically horrendous at worst. I mean even when you have Purdue loving Robbie Hummel commenting that that arm fling was unnatural and poked Kopp in the eye and it should be at least a flagrant 1. I loved number 24 the next time down after Kopp got poked in the eye he was going to drive and thought better of it cause he was going to get "touched up". You could literally see Race and TJD waiting. Cause this is a family friendly site I'll use a better term for number 24 pansy! Also every time TJD was doubled he had his arm raked at least once or twice. It happened the same for Race as well. There were other egregious calls too. Not to mention all the holding calls on our guards that were not called on theirs. The start of the second half the whistles were finally starting to be normal both ways and you saw the lead drop quickly and Maryland be exposed. You could see the Maryland players starting to throw a fit cause they weren't getting the same calls. After that the game was over once they swallowed their whistles again. Everyone with eyes could see it and you could tell it in our players demeanor right around the 10 minute mark. Next I will give Maryland props. They game planned wonderfully and took us out of our game. When they double teamed TJD they took away the angle for TJD to make the pass to our open shooter on the same side. They made him make the cross court pass to the weak side or try and play hero ball. That resulted in alot of missed shots. Next they closed out hard on 3 point shooters and dared our players to drive past them. We have proven to now be competent from the outside to make teams respect us. So now we have to progress our game from there and put the ball on the floor and drive to create for our guys. We did not do that at all. They pressed us which made us feel uncomfortable all game. It played with our heads all game. Perfect example, JHS shot 1-14. TJD missed bunnies like he used to and even air balled. We also just took the ball up against the press rather than trying to break it. The one time we did break it we got an easy bunny for our bigs then we never went back to that. Lastly I'll wrap it up with everything else. First we have XJ hurt who we could have really used last night to break the press and bring a calm factor. Geronimo was really missed cause with his energy and rebounding it could have helped get more posessions. Also Race seems still not 100%. He seems to be gutting it out though. He needs relief. Next I was waiting for Woody to blow his top. I mean he really needed to channel his inner Bobby Knight. Part of me felt a let down game coming. The most frustrating thing though is this game seemed like a winnable game. Also can we not have a number next to our name. It seems we play better. O well. Onto a huge win on Saturday!
  12. People get tired of you talking about your ex wives in every thread as well. It’s not funny and it’s very old.
  13. I'm sorry but if someone is that offended by what is posted on this board... I'm not really sure what to tell them. It says a lot more about them, then it does the "whole" we have here. This is like the most G-rated place I've ever been to talk sports and that includes my own household growing up. "know-it-alls" are we in elementary school? Maybe more should just listen to the things that are being told to them? Idk. I think I can remember one game thread a bunch of you guys got into it and a Mod had to make a PSA the next day? only thing I can think of on a "big scale". But, game threads are stupid anyways and I have no idea how any of you participate in them, especially on a regular basis.
  14. I was 4 when the Berlin wall fell. So for me the Cold War era was better because I hadn't yet made a long list of poor decisions.
  15. it's like my sweet Grandma used to say: opinions are like buttholes. Everybody has one. Some just stink differently.
  16. I didn't take offense, nor do I think flexing is mean spirited. That's all I'm going to say in response to this and I'll move on with my day.
  17. I'll have to second this. That place is phenomenal. I went to see Kevin Costner and his band there in November 2021. Was about 6 rows from the stage. Not only is there not a bad seat but their lineup of artist and bands is top notch.
  18. I don't think I knew that about Brady. Cool trivia question.
  19. Brown County Music Center - a really incredible venue seating 2,000. Was up close and center for this one but there's not a bad seat in the house - the last row is only 200 feet from the stage.
  20. Public service announcement gentlemen. I had a poster PM me yesterday (before the game) and mentioned that the board is less fun than it used to be because: - personal attacks - know-it-all attitudes. This thread has evolved into a microcosm of what he was talking about. We're better than that. No harm in disagreement and debate, but do so in a respectful manner similar as you would take with your grandmother. If Poster A thinks the loss was all about effort, while Poster B thinks it was the officiating, and Poster C thinks it was coaching, all 3 of those are personal opinions that contribute to the spirit of what the board is intended to be. Discuss them, debate them, but do so respectfully. No opinions should be ridiculed, nor should any poster (at least those that are not trolls) be addressed in a condescending manner. Let's not lose what makes this the best IU board out there.
  21. Was that the one at the Blue Gate?
  22. Yeah, Michigan, Purdue, Northwestern, and Michigan State. Normally I would say NW would be a good candidate but this year...enh
  23. Yep.... or steal one or two on the road.
  24. I went to a Jason Isbell concert last night and checked the box score when I got home. Glad I didn't have to see how the sausage was made. I just finished reading through this thread from the beginning and you all filled in the gaps for me that can't be extracted from a box score. I sure don't need to watch a replay now and tanks to you all for that!The concert was AWESOME - really glad I went.On to the next one.
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