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  1. I mean, in a vacuum, I'm happy for her - if the options are "no IU women in top 5" or "attractive and still really good IU woman in top 5" I want them to get the bag, it just feels slimy.
  2. It's unfortunate but not unexpected on the women's side.
  3. Alright, we love you, but this is the final warning for only pure updates and perhaps immediately clarifying questions / things related to that particular update, but we want to keep this thread easy to read.
  4. His improvement as a ball handler this year was stunning
  5. You know, it's a tough job, but someone has to do it.
  6. Waaaaay more IU folks around town today. Very noticeable.
  7. Your friendly mod is in the crowd. We are getting out cheered by Kent State. Badly. If you can make it buy a ticket. We need you. Go Hoosiers
  8. how do I buy tickets? Let's get this party started
  9. I don't see how, as an NBA team, you can't see what he added this year with his dribbling and not imagine that he can add a perimeter shot. FT also significantly better. Draymond is the picture perfect NBA comp.
  10. Jordan’s lack of improvement, especially after the surge late last year, is baffling. Feels like it was a mirage. Agree with Droogh - he tries really hard, and his character seems strong, but the lack of in game understanding isn’t any better than day 1. The double off of a good shooter last night for an open 3 was… a mistake that children don’t even make in 2k
  11. Headed out west, you say? This Arizonan loves this information.
  12. I was strongly considering the BTT but decided I wanted to go the actual big dance, so see YOU... wherever?
  13. Is there a way to logically deduce the 2-4 places we might be for the first weekend? I am considering booking a flight now and just cancelling it if it doesn't line up, but this team is too special, I want to see them in person. Anyone been tracking this more closely than I have with some wisdom?
  14. I was watching on mute but am I crazy or did they take away a point from us at the very end? 76-72 turning into 75-72? During the long replay
  15. I appreciate those of you with the strength to just turn it off and go do other things. Maybe one day.
  16. The difference between the top and the bottom of the conference has never been smaller. It feels like the NFL and Any Given Sunday. Honestly, how can you not love it?
  17. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/policy/economy/irs-processing-returns-faster-refunds-down
  18. I'm a small business owner so I can't do my own taxes any longer and need an accountant to do it for me - which is sad, because I am a nerd and I always loved doing my taxes. We have some paperwork issues we have to sort out with IRS, which in years past was always ridiculously painful, but I remember reading a stray headline that wait times were drastically down. Here's to hoping...
  19. Give me a team full of Galloway’s. Dude oozes IU.
  20. I just watched IUBB on my phone not only beat, but generally manhandle, #1 Purdue while sitting at a beach abroad. Life has truly peaked.
  21. I love Ted Lasso, but even if I didn't, I am trying to embody this a bit more.
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