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  1. For one thing, the only bad defender I see getting consistent minutes for them is Melo and they can hide him. They’re going to have an elite paint defense. They were injured all year last year and in the playoffs. If AD is healthy that’s a top 3 defender that can guard inside and outside. I see them being a team that’ll be around top 10 statistically on defense but when they need a stop and have guys like Russ and Lebron 100% locked in they’re going to be damn hard to score on.
  2. I’m not saying they’re going to be as good as last year, but they’re still going to have an elite interior defense at a minimum with guys on the perimeter who are capable of locking someone up even if they don’t do it for 48 minutes.
  3. It probably wouldn't be the worst idea in the world to cancel the trip due to the Delta variant...
  4. Wait.... why are the Lakers bad on defense? They had one of the best defense in the NBA last year. I'd be more worried about shooting than defense if I was the Lakers.
  5. I wish the Pacers had gone Moody but I can’t say I am shocked they opted for a guy ready to contribute day 1. I expect a Cam Johnson type impact…
  6. I think that’s a no brainier for the Pacers.
  7. It's a great move for both teams, IMO. Memphis got some great draft capital to go with a couple solid vets. They can also play JJJ at the 5 more now while sliding Anderson and Brooks to the 3 and 4 which are probably better fits for them.
  8. To your point, and many others, about education; does that even hold up now? We have seen what we can do for business and education with telecommuting. It isn't perfect, especially for schools,but it isn't like it's going to get worse. Athletes could do a west coast trip for a week and not even miss class.
  9. https://www.npr.org/2021/07/21/1018887697/unc-group-licensing-college-sports-players
  10. Yeah if CP3 opts out they'll be something in the neighborhood of $30M+ under the cap.
  11. Oh I know you and I are in agreement here. I really don't think LA has anything to offer Phoenix in a sign and trade to where they'd rather have that than test what they could get with that cap space.
  12. It won't work for him to go to LA. He would have to opt out of $44M and the max LA could pay him, if they clear every player of the roster sans Lebron and AD, is about $20M. If they work out a sign and trade with Phoenix it could go up, but why would Phoenix do that. Chris Paul to LA isn't a 0% chance, but neither is the Pacers acquiring Lillard.
  13. Anything is possible but that seems incredibly unlikely.
  14. 3 years, $30-40M per year. He has back to back top 5 MVP finishes and still clearly has gas left in the tank. I'd be shocked if Phoenix doesn't bring him back, why wouldn't they? They can do so without sacrificing any of their young guys long term and he can be pivotal for their development.
  15. I think he will opt out but resign a multi-year deal.
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