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  1. Good luck to Jerome! I don't see this as a big loss, there is a reason we brought in a similar but better player in Kopp.
  2. It has to be Joker - he is incredible to watch.
  3. I hear you, but is that really different than any sport sans maybe the NFL? Have you watched a CBB game between two bad teams? It's brutal.
  4. I am curious how man NBA games you two have watched in the past month?
  5. How would Irving have extended Crean's time? He had like 6 years after Kyrie finished playing in college.
  6. I think him leaving Illinois had more to do with wanting tomplay PG than anything.
  7. Amazing a disaster of an NBA team like the Celts can come back from down 25 with the low amount of effort nba teams play with
  8. So his dad took a salary reduction?
  9. He could definitely start with Trayce.
  10. So he blocks everything and he shoots almost every time he touches it, but it's a lot of dunking and making threes. I don't want to wish anyone off of our roster, but him and TJD together could be terrifying for opposing teams.
  11. I know it's NAIA, but the dude has 475 blocks in his career and is a good 3p shooter. Yes please!
  12. You must live near @5fouls, I'm pretty sure his ex-wives were all very friendly with the neighbor "Mr. Hung".
  13. I agree it's a problem, but what sport doesn't have it? I hear you, but also we just hired a coach from the NBA. There's naturally going to be a lot of NBA talk in threads about a guy who spent his entire career coaching the NBA.
  14. I mean what do you think they're letting go? The NBA does miss travels sometimes, but again, they have a different rule and I think that's a much harder call to make in traffic and game speed than you guys imagine. But in terms of letting fouls and stuff go? The NBA is pretty spot on with foul calls most of the time. Some guys get the star treatment which is true of any sport. When I think of letting calls go in basketball, I think of like a Purdue/Wisconsin game where the game looks more like a male orgy than basketball with all the mugging, pulling, yanking, and hip thrusting goin
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