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  1. Good job switching that, it was definitely not a foul on Miami.
  2. It's so obvious watching these teams how we need to build a team moving forward. You've got to prioritize athletes and skill over size to win in modern basketball.
  3. He flopped. Not saying he didn't get fouled, but he sold that big time and it's hard to say how much the contact impacted him as a result.
  4. And Yogi was on two teams that weren't that great, which impacts win share.
  5. I don't think there is any question that a more open, free flowing offense would help our perimeter players. I know I said it during the season, but our inability to play small with just TJD and 4 perimeter players (Kopp at the 4) really hurt us IMO, but we lacked the depth and to some degree the type of players you'd want to do that with; we'd have gotten slaughtered on the board with our personnel.
  6. I mean they will have a very good shot in Houston, especially since the first game will be SDSU or Creighton. That’s very winnable. Anything can happen in one game but I’d think whoever comes out of Texas, Miami, and UConn will be the likely champion.
  7. I don’t think it’s overlooked, we just can’t really know how the chemistry will be with new players with the information we have.
  8. I think for me, I need to see him scoring somewhere besides the three point line as much as I need to see the (continued) consistency on defense. He sure tries to shoot mid range shots and floaters but it is often really ugly.
  9. XJ would have made a difference in that area. Not that he'd have completely erased the issue, but he was a good rebounding point guard.
  10. Looking at his stats I'm not really seeing where Archie was wrong.
  11. 11 fouls in 6 minutes... this is not good officiating. Connecticut probably wins regardless, they're clearly the better team, but this officiating is that of a Big Ten game. I can't believe it's being defended.
  12. I disagree completely. I don’t want refs calling fouls 94 feet from the basket on something that doesn’t involve the ball that isn’t egregious.
  13. Right before that turnover that led to an and 1, tow hands on the offensive players back. Technically a foul, I’m sure anyone that thinks the call on Timme was good is pissed that wasn’t called right?
  14. I thought it was pretty weak. Yes a foul, but a completely unnecessary call.
  15. That's fine. Would be good for him to get some P6 experience before Woody retires.
  16. There are? I feel like we’ve had plenty the past 10-15 years.
  17. 100%. The only thing he should be focused on at all is what is best for him.
  18. Anyone remember how we did Dakich's senior year?
  19. awful call and they gave a tech to SDSU as a result. I’ve never seen a school that gets the calls Bama does in all sports.
  20. No need for any new technology, this works just fine.
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