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  1. While I like Hunter and feel a little bad for him with the injury that sidetracked his career this doesn't really bother me that much. With Kopp transferring in and Jordan probably getting more minutes I think the writing was on the wall. Best of luck to him and I hope he lands somewhere that he will be successful. 👍
  2. Yeah I think you are right. Coach Woodson seems to be wanting some more big man depth, so there is probably a good chance that someone enters the portal in the next week or so.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if someone does. Anymore college ball is like the wild wild west lol.
  4. Favorites- absolutely none Villains - all B1G players that aren't IU Loathsome - Toiletmakers and Illini 😝 😀
  5. Like you said maybe he will turn out to be a good player one day, but there is a reason not many high major schools was offering him. If I remember right, which I might not, didn't people use to complain when Crean offered players a scholarship when their only other offers were from schools like Belmont and Appalachian State.
  6. I see that Brown is out for the season for the Celtics. Any kind of playoff run they might have made is probably done now I would guess.
  7. One of the main reasons I am glad Miller is gone is this was the first season since I have been watching IU play, my first game was the 87 championship game, that I was becoming apathetic towards Hoosiers basketball. I used to lose my shit at times when we played bad, and to be honest it was great lol. 😀
  8. NBA basketball is just boring to me anymore, watching the ball being passed around the perimeter so someone can take a 25 foot 3 point shot just doesn't interest me. I like watching a big man post up and dominate the game or someone cutting to the basket for a monster slam or a team being able to lock down another team on defense and taking the fight out of them. I think Utah is averaging 43 three point attempts per game which leads the league, and the Spurs are at like 28 which is the lowest but still really high. That just isn't basketball I enjoy. Like you said it is all person
  9. See I am the opposite, I used to watch the NBA almost as much as I do College ball, but now I try and watch a game and lose interest in it by halftime. I don't think I have watched a full NBA game in a couple of seasons and to be honest have no interest in it anymore. And far as college ball I watch every game I can. On Roku they have an app called Pluto that has the Stadium Channel and it would play west coast games on it at 10 or 11 pm and I will sit and watch every one of those, no matter what team it is lol. NFL I watch every game I can and baseball I have never been a fan
  10. Not sure what is going on with the Illini, but they seem to have had a lot of attrition this off-season. I could see them taking a big step back this year, especially if Kofi stays in the draft.
  11. Yeah but the thing is they still lost those games,. This is not directed at you personally, but I hate when people say well we only lost by 3 points or less 7-8 times, I tell them who cares you still lost. You weren't good enough to overcome what it takes to win in a close game. Also Mintz declared for the draft so it isn't 100% that he will be there. I personally think things are going south in Lexington, and the natives are going to start getting restless. With UNC hiring Davis, who in my opinion was an underwhelming hire, and the Wildcats starting to take a step back college
  12. I don't see them improving much on this year. Things are starting to go south in Lexington and i see Cal back in the NBA in a couple of seasons.
  13. I think Leno would be pretty decent on the Colts line. Being next to the best guard in the NFL and one of the best centers would help him quite a bit. I get a laugh out of people over things like that. Ballard is usually playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers.
  14. Colts are meeting with Eric Fisher and if his physical doesn't go well they are going to target Leno.
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