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  1. Yeah that would be opening a whole can of worms that I don't imagine these guys paying for the NIL would want to deal with.
  2. To be honest I haven't really kept up on who they think the Pacers should get, so who is it saying they shouldn't draft him? I am kind of curious to see those articles that say they shouldn't, can you link them?
  3. Man another insult, I'm not wound up tight at all. But you keep being you ok.
  4. I missed it, what schools are his Top 5?
  5. Well when you come out swinging like an ass on a post you are going to get it back.
  6. Yeah I think you are right, I don't watch the NBA that much anymore either. But admit it Scott if the Pacers somehow get Chet you are going to watch every game lol. 😁 🤣
  7. Ok i never considered you a douche bag but this post changes my mind.
  8. And my point still stands, it isn't going anywhere so either quit whining or quit watching. The NCAA is done as we know it, you either accept or move on to something else.
  9. Actually I wouldn't at all, that is going to happen a lot. Is there a limit on how much money they can get since you say 800k isn't what NIL was meant to be? Purdue needs to get their arrogant heads out of their ass and join the party. I don't necessarily like the direction the NIL is going but it is here to stay and teams better step up to the plate or get left behind.
  10. Man whatever, it is how the sport is now and I have no control over it. Either accept it or move on.
  11. There is no reason for him to say F this and retire early. Purdue needs to get off their high horse and accept that NIL is the future of college sports and that if you want to retain players or bring high level recruits in NIL is going to have to be involved in some way.
  12. I'm late to the party. Bonfire and beer with family that I haven't seen in a while, but this news has me laughing my ass off and doing a little dance. I am 6ft 5in and around 210 pounds so you guys would be laughing your asses off watching me dance. It is going to be nice to see them on the bubble this season and the Hoosiers around a three or four seed.
  13. There is nothing really to decide, you either get with the NIL or fall way behind. If Purdue and other schools don't then shame on them for failing their team and fans.
  14. Penny adds the #1 transfer Kendric Davis. I will give him credit, he can definitely convince players to go there. One of these days you would have to think his average coaching abilities would catch up to him though.
  15. Luckily the few Purdue fans I know are not close friends because if they were I would have to hope for their sanity that the Boilermakers do get it together. Since they are not I can keep hoping they fail on the NIL front lol. 😁
  16. The question is though, will they get their crap together. It seems like they should have gotten it together already because it's not like NIL just started today. That being said they still might get Pack, nobody knows for sure.
  17. Yeah that is actually a good point, he is going to want playing time and not 10 or 12 minutes a game. So whatever minutes he gets will be taken from someone that is expecting them and I would assume that isn't Leal and Logan. So IF he does join the Hoosiers who would most likely leave? The players minutes he would be cutting into would have to be one of Kopp, Bates, Geronimo or Galloway. I wouldn't trade him for either of the three young guys and I would be surprised if Miller left at this point. I guess we will see how it all plays out. Maybe NIL will come into play with this.
  18. I think if Trayce returns as expected we are easily Top 20 and probably Top 15. And like you I see Bates making a big jump and I have high expectations for improvements from Trey and Jordan. Also the one guy who doesn't get talked about as much, other then his Nascar driving abilities is Xavier who in my opinion is possibly the best PG in the B1G and who I look to have a big season. There are a couple of things that can make the Hoosiers a Top 10 team also. One is improvement from the team beyond the arc, I think if they improve there they can make a strong run in March, and to be honest that is all I care about at this point when it comes to team success. Another thing is if Hood-Schifino and Reneau comes in as advertised and have an impact. If Jalen is starting then that means he is the real deal and that puts the Hoosiers on another level. This might be the most excited I've been for the start of a Hoosier season in a while. 👍
  19. Yeah and when they did that his shooting fell off a good chunk, 33.6 twice and 29.7.. Nothing about his shooting has improved and in fact has gotten worse, so I think people expecting an improvement there will be disappointed.
  20. This post could be used towards the people that are blindly supporting bringing him in. There is no difference on either side. Also numbers sometimes do tell the story, he isn't a good 3 point shooter and that is the main reason I and many others don't think that he is what the Hoosiers need the most. If he joins the Hoosiers I will fully support him, but I just don't think he improves the team that much. Also one other thing to consider with him, if the reports of Trayce staying are true who are we kicking off the team. The only two that might be worth replacing him with is Leal which would be a shame because he is fully a Hoosier. And Logan who we have no clue what he will be so I would hate to give up on him for Dennis.
  21. Man I would be extremely happy getting Chet, like you said he has a skill set that you don't see often in big men. 👍
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