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  1. I think he’ll be fine. I’ve seen him play recently and I think more HM offers will be coming in. As others have said, it’s still early, especially for a kid who maybe hasn’t received as much hype as others (yet). The thing about the MVC school having ‘questions’ blows my mind. I would think most low to mid mid-majors would be inclined not to bother. Of course, all this stuff is just opinions and guesses. We will just have to see what happens.
  2. I’ve been hearing his stock has gone down a little recently. I know he’s been injured and still trying to play, so that may have something to do with it.
  3. Wow. First I’ve heard anything like that . . . from anybody. At least in the last year or so.
  4. I’m not sure either, but it was a close game. My guess is they will offer eventually, but it’s not urgent because if they don’t get him, they can get somebody just like him. But, he’s good enough to go HM. I’d say he will have his pick of a few before all is said and done.
  5. Just saw this, also.
  6. Heck, yeah! Would love to see this kid go big-time! I’ve been seeing some good things on Twitter about him.
  7. I like him. Still, I would’ve thought he’d be more in the ‘wait and see’ camp. But what do I know? At least his teams win, unlike Colvin’s. Is he young for his grade?
  8. Should offer asap, in my opinion. Kid is good!
  9. I’d say we won’t have to worry about Bronny coming to IU. I haven’t seen any interest from either side. But for the record, I do think he’s better than MM. Granted, I’ve only seen part of one game live and that was two years ago 😂
  10. This is one that I do think has a higher probability of choosing IU eventually. He’s 2023 so not sure if people know a lot about him, but has a very very high ceiling. I would love to see him in Bloomington.
  11. He has one official left. Wonder if a decision will be forthcoming?
  12. Yes, I suppose it’s possible he could not go to Purdue, and yes, and he did have a great top 100 showing. But I’ve seen him play several times in person against real teams. He didn’t jump out to me as an IU-caliber player. He has skills but struggles against the good teams, doesn’t play much defense, and doesn’t really make his teammates better. BUT, I’m not a scout or a recruiter. It’s entirely possible they see something I don’t. So I’ll just sit back and wait and see what happens.
  13. This is a head scratcher for me. Is it possible IU offered knowing full well they wouldn’t get him? Some kind of recruiting chess game?
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