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  1. But might not make it since he would have to turn around
  2. Guess it would be more accurate to say posters aren't as optimistic about flory. Hopefully we are in good shape with him. Someone mentioned Matt Roth as a comparison for perry. Is he more of a role player off the bench like Roth or someone that could bring more? Need shooters so would help either way.
  3. I don't think we were are that high with Flory so guess that leaves perry
  4. Yea we do..if 20 or 21 transfer out before season starts
  5. Nope, I don't think anyone could stay sane with more than 100 lol
  6. Bates got a lot of run for what he produced. Not sure why he would go in the portal.
  7. Does he set good screens? If so, sign him up.
  8. Big Ten Network will be on more tvs in California and thus IU will be on tvs more often in California. So recruits and their families would get to see our team play more often (if they were so inclined).
  9. Any guesses as to the stud freshman that we apparently didn't offer out of high school
  10. They had blocking foul. It wasn't enough of a deterrent. Players took chance anyway
  11. I can't read the article but i thought he had shot down the idea of reclassifying.
  12. Although Purdy took a nose dive in the following games. He got solid contributions from all of his picks. His worst pick would have been my 2nd best pick.
  13. Hey, you did pretty well as 2nd place....and the person doing the calculations is the one in first...hmm
  14. AJ Brown is going to light it up with tons of touchdowns. It's going to be biggest comeback in fantasy playoff history. Hurts will get mildly hurt (just for the game) and the backup QB will light it up with Brown Book it.
  15. They probably want us as a safe warmup game. On the flip side, getting them first game may also be the best shot at getting an upset.
  16. I'm guessing more a long the lines of Ramsey than Dexter.. So he meant more like being able to escape the pocket rather than a true dual threat that could take off for big gains.
  17. So after Allen said we wanted dual threat QBs going forward, have we picked up a single dual threat QB?
  18. Not much out there. Looks like he was 3 star that was on scholarship at Fresno for a year and then left as DeBoer arrived. So not sure there is any connection there so he took off. Seems like a pretty good option as a walk-on.
  19. I think i'm going to need a recount
  20. from what I recall. We lost to NC State 35-14 and that was the end of that experiment. We actually went on a win streak to finish the year at 5-6 but the decision had apparently already been made to fire Cam.
  21. when he moved ARE to WR so Tommy Jones (I think) was able to play QB for a game.
  22. Wasn't sure what you meant by you saw him this morning.
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