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  1. I hope Banks can get it on the defensive end. That's where you can see him look lost, but if he can he's bucket getter.
  2. I do take into consideration that year 2 for Bates he's probably up most nights with a baby, and I'm sure that doesn't help, I think Gunn has an intangible that Bates may not have. There's a nastiness to Gunns game that I didn't know he had and something that we need.
  3. I haven't logged onto this site in a long time. Much like last year I still feel Kopp should be in the second unit. I suppose fear of him being a shooter on the scouting report does garner him some worth. I'm thankful to see XJ show up in a similar fashion to that of the last 6 weeks of last season. I believe that JHS will learn from last night and be much more productive. I would like to see Gunn get some of those Bates minutes. TJD, MR,Galloway, JHS, XJ.......based on the ancient philosophy of "game impact + practice work = first unit?"
  4. Our on-campus experience for him was the best. If he thinks he wants to be part of the return of IU and be a legend for the rest of his life then he's coming to IU. Ed Pinkney, ummmm, Kerry Kittles or Buckner, Chaney, Benson, IT, Alford, Schlundt......Baylor.....Can't think of anyone....because they have no legacy. We'll see....I'm guessing Nova. The offense is a fit. Philly is a shi7hole though.
  5. I saw nothing to last year to believe that CMW will remove Kopp from his starting role.
  6. I myself watched my first IU game in 1982. I've had my favorites and guys that I wished would've never came to the program. I don't wish ill will on anyone especially a teenager/early 20's that hasn't really lived as an adult yet. In saying that, the members of a team that have accepted a free education and now get paid to be in the public eye; being scrutinized is a fair trade off. I care more about the program and its success than I do Trayce Jackson-Davis. He'll be fine.
  7. Early in this process last year I let myself get carried away with my level of optimism. This year I'm going to keep it reigned in a bit. With that being said I believe we will start landing bigs from Montverde and/or IMG.
  8. I've not seen any video on him but the measurables and the numbers are impressive. Even if TJD comes back, Broome would have to be an upgrade over Durr. 12 blocks in one game this year.
  9. Johni Broome Anyone talking about this guy?
  10. I know the Patterson, Miller, Reed class was pretty highly ranked.
  11. Is this already being discussed on another thread too? F! lol
  12. Along with the Fife situation it appears to me that our AD feels like any "training wheels" are no longer necessary. This will be a Mike Woodson ship next year. More than year 1, year 2 will be a measuring stick of what CMW is and will be as the future of IU basketball. Without knowing what additions we will have via the portal and who is coming back there is definitely the possibility that we are a sub .500 team. There is also a chance that CMW could put a team of JHS, Bates, Galloway, Reneau and Thompson on the floor and show he has tremendous chops as the Captain of our ship. I remain guardedly skeptical until the roster is finalized.
  13. I've felt the same way then you look at the final four this year and UNC was a big team and Villanova got beat in the paint by McCormack. Villanova never has that big guy in side and has one though. I think there's still an argument to be bad for the "traditional" line-up. However to your point the 4 position needs to be able to stretch the floor.
  14. I agree. He's a good looking athlete and to only be 16, wow. This is a potentially 6'10" or 6'11 powerhouse in the paint. After watching Kansas he reminded me a bit of McCormack physically.
  15. I'm old enough to remember Marty Simmons as a soph playing for Lawernceville High across the bridge from Vincennes. This is what he looked like. The competition level was very similar. He might've been closer to 6'3 at the time and he a guy a year older than him named Doug Novcek who was a stud. The following year together they one the first of two LHS class A state titles. I think that was 82' and 83.' Of course Vincennes Lincoln had just won the "actual" state title in 81.' So there was no shortage of talent in that part of the country.....let me rephrase that, No shortage of competitive high caliber games with everyone having a really good player. I could be wrong but but Benter looks like one of those guys. He can't get that shot off on D1 defenders higher than a low to mid major. He can't guard his position at that level. He could go to Evansville on a bad team and probable start and get buckets, much in the way Simmons did after he transferred to Evansville. Sisley I believe is different all together.
  16. I'm not normally a fan of smaller guards. But our best basketball was played with Rob, XJ, Trey on the perimeter. Pack gives you 3+ 3's a night at 40+%. That last stretch of injuries with Rob is when Johnson cranked it up a notch but it wasn't necessarily our best basketball as a team. I'm a huge Galloway fan, but if we get the type of progress out of Bates that we expect, I would be pretty excited about Pack, XJ, Bates......compared to XJ, Stevenson, Kopp..... Add JHS and Galloway we could play some 4 guard sets and not get beat up on the boards.
  17. I saw on another site that he's an option. Just a soph. Averaged 17 ppg and 42% from 3. An Indiana kid. He's an upgrade to Rob.
  18. This guy has legs like a linebacker and with a year in the weight room he's 240. Ideal scenario would be him and Geronimo backing up Race and TJD with Duncomb getting 10 minutes a game. Honestly I'd like to see Geronimo get some minutes at the three if we can have some depth in the frontcourt.
  19. I've been high on Banks but had there been a choice between the two I'm pretty sure it would've been Phillps. He's plug and play from day one. Banks may need a little seasoning. Phillips, Reneau and Ward....I want all three. Then give me Kwame Evans for 2023. That's the type of recruiting impact we need to be having.
  20. The highlights were promising. He looks raw. Usually pick-n-roll defense is an issue with a player that raw. He gets after it though.
  21. I think I remember that his season ends mid-late April and I would think he would pull the trigger then. He fits Villanova's offense well, being a strong guard. I like his Mother's influence on this though.
  22. Wishful thinking. Kopp was a smart player for us this year. He found a way to contribute on defense without being able to really guard anyone. With him and Stewart in the same line-up at the same time we were playing 3 on 50 until the first time-out. I'm sure Kopp is aware he was a massive disappointment this year and my guess he wants a chance to leave on a better note. I'd really be surprised if TJD comes back and Race doesn't. I think the only other player we could lose would be Duncomb.
  23. I would like td see Sparks with our strength and conditioning program.
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