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  1. Talk about a total humiliation. At this point, this team is a boderline top 20 team. This team needs to get a lot tougher.
  2. AZ was clearly the better team. We gotta get so much better than this.
  3. Like people say, it takes one to catch one. jk.
  4. YEAH!!! Here's to a hopefully injury free season! This team could do something significant, and this kind of opportunity doesn't come around often.
  5. Psy's Gangnam Style did have a big impact on a lot of people.
  6. They pay players like crap because foods are out there in the mother nature...I guess.
  7. I agree. He will be an awesome TV analyst. Also he's a top notch motivational speaker.
  8. Jordan Hulls new outfit? "Hey kiddo, with our rich NIL deals, you can be just like me." jk
  9. What a mess. If you play with fire, sometimes you get burnt. Playing with peoples' greed is a dangerous thing unless the said billionaire is willing to unload tens of millions of dollars every year. Well...his money can make Miami basketball like Duke or Kentucky if that's what he wants.
  10. Hey, don't forget the 'high-priced' part. He won't shield anything for under 3 million dollars a year. Or that should be a buyer beware.
  11. What has he really done for the good of college sports? I see. He made 3 million dollars a year.
  12. Ok, projected #21 was based on TJD and RT coming back for their last seasons. This doesn't mean anything other than Jeff Borzello getting paid for the article.
  13. Jon Scheyer ain’t Coach K. Plus he’s too young to take over a blue blood program. When K took over the helm, Duke wasn’t a blue blood.
  14. I'm not quite sure if I can say IU is a good basketball school any more. It doesn't seem like a good one considering last 5 years' accomplishments (6th, 9th, 10th, 10th, and 9th in BIG), but yes IU still can be seen as a good basketball school in terms of tradition and resources. Obvoiusly IU is a sleeping giant, but has been sleeping too long. All depends on CMW and coaching staff bringing in some talents and molding them as a team.
  15. It's sad I don't feel like we're in the driver seat when competing over a recruit agianst Baylor and Villanova. Not that they're not good programs, but just how far we've fallen...and fallen for a LONG time. We pretty much sucked for 20+ years except a few bright spots, so for kids in high schools these days, IU is not a good basketball school. Edit: I missed 'not' in the sentence. Villanova and Baylor are indeed good programs. Jay Wright already won 2 and currently in FF. Scott Drew revived a dead program and won it all last year.
  16. Watching PU fans melting down after a tough loss, I realized IU fanbase in general is a pretty good one enduring 20 years of agony.
  17. Yep it's a moral victory for all IU fans, and I'm not sarcastic at all.
  18. Between our loss to St Mary by 30 and PU's loss to St Peter, I will take our loss any day.
  19. Did anyone know today was the national peacock day? I listened to DD today and it was mentioned in the show.
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