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  1. Dan is not smarter than that. Biggest egomaniac I’ve ever listened to. He thinks he should’ve been given the keys after Sampson got canned and has never let it go
  2. Having seen the talk that Archie didn’t have his whole heart in this job and seeing horrible basketball for 4 years, I’m excited. I’m happy that no one is calling this a grand slam hire because that’s what Miller was lauded as. He’s an Indiana guy and this means a lot to him. Brighter days. I’m fully on board.
  3. The Article The Arkansas boards have found this article and are sharing it like wildfire. I like Kent and think he's an outstanding person but this aged like hot and sour milk. I also think it's emblematic of the problems with this fanbase currently. Kent basically says Fayetteville is a giant hog farm and that Arkansas will never be better than IU in basketball. Welp. Two former players are in the Sweet 16 and Justin has been a star of the tourney. We have such blinders on sometimes that we don't realize Indiana hasn't translated to a new generation of athletes. We could all post 50 fond memories each on the board about days gone by. Until we start winning, kids who care about a 1987 Championship are diamonds in the rough. We support with our pocketbooks, our time, and an unwavering passion. No doubt we deserve better from this program. However, let's not act like we are better than everyone else while we continually miss recruits and pray to make the tourney. Until we start winning consistently, we have no room to point fingers. Been with this board since the grand (double secret!) exodus back in the day and this is a hard pill to swallow. I hope the next coach brings back some pride to this program.
  4. If we don't hire Musselman I will be pretty upset
  5. It would only make sense that I come back to the board when another coach is about to be fired. The fire Crean threads were legendary.
  6. This is a game that IU historically drops. Best player is out. Coming off a good win against a bad team at home. My 31 years of being a fan have told me that Wisconsin rolls in this game. This season is different. We CAN force Wisconsin to turn the ball over as we have with almost every team. The difference will be if we can turn turnovers in to opportunities. Tuttle has to step up and be willing to throw risky balls. The run game has to be 1000% better than it was against OSU. Is this the new Indiana or do old habits die hard? Excited to find out
  7. Race Thompson had a breakout performance and was the consensus player of the game. I would like to give some props to Al and Rob who had some really key buckets when Providence would start to chip away at the lead. Galloway had a great pass to Rob for a layup that Freshmen don't usually have the vision for. If that is an "off" game for TJD, i'll take it. Second game of the year is the time for that. Proud of the freshmen defensively as well.
  8. Off topic but it's awesome to see the same faces from the original board still around. We have come a long way since the 2012 Sweet 16 run and freezing outside to see Kentucky at The Hall.
  9. Play Clifton Moore for Pete's sake. Have to know what we have going in to next season
  10. I will do other than IU games because of bias. The Syracuse-UConn 6OT game in 2009 was insanity. Big East Tournament and Johnny Flynn was on fire. I have never seen so many runs to tie a game back up in my life Here is the highlight. So great
  11. I'm glad Archie made the integrity move to keep the Freshman class together and keep them on. However, I think Justin Smith is the only one that fits his system. Wouldn't be shocked to see transfers This is 85% on this team not being able to compete and 15% on Archie for not finding a way to beat ISU and Fort Wayne. No coach in any situation can let that happen. Period.
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