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  1. In Dec 2019 my son was sicker than he has ever been. Negative for both Flu A and B. I swear it was Covid. His finance tested positive last fall and he never caught it and had to get tested every other day and they were all Negative. I think it was here.much earlier than Spring 2020.
  2. I am glad to hear that. What you are doing means the world to my family. I thank GOD everyday for all the people that have worked hard not only in dealing with COVID vaccine and treating patients but everyone that makes it possible for kids like Ayden to live and have a great life. When you have seen you child in the hospital for weeks at a time over a common cold or the flu COVID becomes your biggest fear. The vaccine does give me great comfort. I do understand that nothing is perfect but it puts us in a better place. If the vaccine helps get things closer to normal for me that's just a
  3. I just want to do everything that I can to protect Ayden. God gave him to us to protect and 11 years ago we were told he would only have 6 months to live if all went well We serve an amazing GOD and he decided differently and entrusted us to do what we feels is best for Ayden. I want some piece of mind and to stop worrying every time he gets a cough or runny nose or a bad headache. This vaccine might not give me those because we have been through so much but a little piece of mind would be much appreciated.
  4. Pfizer I think that's the only 1 approved for 12 to 15 year olds. . We were very excited
  5. Ayden was the first kid under 16 to get his vaccine in the county. Great day!!
  6. Had to drive 40 miles last night to fill up the van to be sure we could get put of Florida. Navarre, Pensacola and Destin out of gas
  7. Loving it. Laid back not too crowded great weather.
  8. Aydens favorite food, some Sushi at the Slippery Mermaid
  9. No matches this week and only week older brother has off until Christmas
  10. Not very well, can't keep it out of the sand
  11. The view from our room this morning.
  12. Almost forgot Sgt Peppers he has that also and we went all through the Paul is dead conspiracy theory. Great times for sure
  13. His Uncle found a copy of Abby Road and last week we bought a few of Queen, Elton John and Pink Floyd and this week he wants a Nirvana album
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