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  1. I get that, thank you for lifting up Brad and also for thinking about Ayden. Hoping Lil Keet is well. Have a blessed day my friend
  2. One of those words is one that I will never use unless it's to describe overstepping
  3. A few years ago he wanted a pair of gold nikes and we were like AYden everyone will make fun of you, but what kind of advice is that from parents. WE have let him be him and everyone loved his gold shoes. He has his own unique taste and it is awesome.
  4. Terrible news. JR could flat out bring the heat.
  5. Thank you for sharing. Karmin was one of the all time great people that I have ever met. A great teacher and a kind soul. I could tell so many stories of what her and Brad did to help students over the years. I spent many a night in the guest bed room after late nights of watching game tape or out scouting. I am sure that I have met your friend quite a few times over the years. Karmin is missed and I just hope and pray that Brad can come through this.
  6. I am putting this here for pure volume of views and hopefully many thoughts and prayers for lifelong IU fan and Decatur County resident Brad Bryant. As he battles brain cancer.. Brad was the Boys basketball coach at South Decatur when I first got there and later he was the Girls basketball coach at North Decatur. He is an educator, a family man and just a great man in general. I ask for you to pray for Brad and his healing. I spoke with his Mom yesterday and she said they need a miracle. I still know that my God is in the miracle business and I have faith that he can heal Brad. Without this healing the outlook is not good at all and will not be long. Also pray for his wife and 3 kids. Brad and his oldest kids lost his wife and their Mom to cancer several years ago. Those kids have been through so much. I ask for your prayers. Thank you and tell those special people in your life just how much you love them. Life is fragile and tomorrow is never a guarantee
  7. Things that for so many years I took for granted, like the 1st day of school. Since Ayden was born I tried to enjoy even the smallest of milestones. Today Ayden starts 8th grade and thank you to @milehiiu and @Colonialcrester for allowing me to share Aydens story and to all of you that have put up with my posts as a very proud and grateful father. Thank you HSN.
  8. I don't think I saw your post but you are correct. What is crazy and hindsight being what it is. The Colts could have easily drafted Justin Fields had they not traded for Wentz.
  9. I really thought Gus was. I heard slick say that one year in the ABA finals between the Pacers and Colonels there were 9 future Hall of Famers and Johnson was mentioned
  10. Alex English?? Maybe Gus Johnson
  11. They won't require anything they will just say thanks but no thanks
  12. My son started college with 33 college credits. Was able to graduate in 3 years with no summer classes. It's a whole new ball game
  13. I remember Bryce Harper quit HS got his GED enrolled in junior college to get drafted a year early. If my memory serves me correct if not I just made it all up
  14. Not sure how accurate but an NFL guy on 1070 said last week if Watson was not on the Commissioners exempt list Aug 1, he would not be. Does not feel the league would hamstring the Texans that late in the game. Said now it's a serious PR situation for Houston. Do you play him or sit him if you don't trade him?
  15. Fine tuning this swing is harder than I thought. Muscle fatigue becoming as issue. He has to get stronger 20210803_163703.mp4
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