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  1. So besides the WDE (War Damn Eagle) reference for this kid.....is Allen and company thinking speed on the outside for contain? Or speed on the outside because we'll have a lead and other team will be passing often to catch up? Or is Allen just wanting speed and more speed on his defense? I always loved Polian's strategy of Freeney and Mathis on ends because he knew Peyton would have them up 2-3 TD's. He wanted speed rushers. Anyway just curious.
  2. Just saw this. Ty Fryfogle is his cousin. That to me even means more. Trust to bring a family member into a situation.
  3. Thanks for linking that. Just like us on here....you sometimes get a real feel for what a kid is all about on message boards. Sounds like something went on behind the scenes while he still stayed classy about Auburn. Glad that we have him coming aboard for sure.
  4. Trust me. I could go on and on about how much I like what Kevin Wilson did at IU to raise expectations and demand them. Different thread I guess. Haha.
  5. NFL reach. Florida reach. South reach. Recruiters with ties to all....all I've ever asked is to be like Iowa and I think we are inching our way there.
  6. Seriously. I got kicked off another site during the Lynch days when I said simply I was tired of competing for recruits with Eastern Michigan, Ball St, and Miami of Ohio....look where we are now. Wow.
  7. I think 3 but my math is fuzzy with covid extra years,etc....shoot for all we know he'll be headed to the NFL in two. Haha! Awesome get for us. We are stretching our reach.
  8. Flipping commits from Ohio St. Getting transfers from Michigan. In the lead to land a former 5 star tailback from USC.....and now this. Top 100 guys leaving Auburn for IU. Never ever thought I would see this day with IU football. Ever.
  9. Fun topic. My answers are pretty simple. Villains-Mostly fan bases like Illinois, Purdue...and in last 20 years Sparty/Sconny. I have a bigger problem with coaches than players though for a variety of reasons. Henson, Weber, Davis, Raveling, Keady, Painter, Izzo, Williams, Ryan, Frieder, Fisher.....the rest either I don't care enough about or blame our own ineptitude to making games vs Nebraska, Rutgers, Northwestern, Penn St painful to watch some years. I've got plenty of hatred built up over the years but again I blame IU for making the last 20 years impossible to watch at times.
  10. Update from yesterday. Makes 7 straight 1 run games for Cubs. Another 1 run loss.Today we left 15 on base. Has to be one of the worst situational hitting teams in the league.
  11. So Bryant was sick and not in lineup. Comes in to pinch hit and gets plunked on the wrist...exits game. Unreal.
  12. I wouldn't use Kent Sterling as a cite for anything IU related.
  13. All day long. I'm a Crean fan and always will be.
  14. Only the NFL can drop schedule release on Wednesday morning in May and generate this much noise. Bears at Rams Seahawks at Colts
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