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  1. Hate it when I get to the trivia portion of the board and knew I had a chance at being 50% or so right. McGinnis is a guy I just wish I heard more about in IU world. My family speaks about him a step below Oscar but every bit of the lore about how dominating he was. Good trivia question!
  2. I think I saw he's the first Yankees player ever to have RBI's in his first 6 games.
  3. Rizzo yard again. No clue on Yankee trivia but he has to be in some unchartered waters so far with this start.
  4. Big Ben- 6 games...rape (past history from college too) Zeke- 6 games...domestic violence Ray Rice-as you said banned basically... Deshaun Watson-22 civil suits (21 filed by one attorney)...without criminal charges being filed (big no no in civil world) by prosecutors office. These just aren't the same cases. I do appreciate the kind words on poster part....but Watson very well might be a Darren Sharper or Kellen Winslow (allegedly) but until they get the guts of the case, people on record, not looking just for a payout.... there probably won't be much punishment. I don't want the guy on my team but someone will.
  5. That's kind of what I meant in my earlier post. That list is Area 51 stuff. If he's not on it already or within next week he won't be. Of course the trade value is really hurt or some team could hit the home run. Take a chance for this year with understanding he could sit all next year? Take the PR hit for any team who brings him in? Tough one to balance. No doubt his ability and usually someone will overlook character flaws as long as the talent is there. I'd also say it has to be a city willing to take that on. Miami, Philly...are a couple that come to mind. Indy doesn't fit that bill.
  6. If it wasn't for this board I would never know how bad that pen is. Feel sorry for you guys. I mean you and the other Reds posters share this 2-3x per week. I don't like Bell and I don't have a dog in this one!
  7. That commissioner's list is pretty quiet. He probably won't show up on it until another 2-3 weeks if he is going to show up on it at all. Weird part is these accuser's won't be deposed until at least February is what I read so suspending someone without due process is a pretty slippery slope.
  8. Tough one for sure. In a city where 70M visitors per year generate almost $50B a year in much needed revenue after so many businesses have gone under and many have left....it's tough to make that call. Wish you guys well there.
  9. After Bears last year, IU Hoops last Spring, Cubs this summer....I need just an easy entrance into fall sports. Just hoping Penix stays healthy....I know the cupboard is deep at QB but none of them are Penix.
  10. Now Nelson is out 5-12 weeks. Same injury as Wentz.
  11. Agree with you. All of the moves I'm fine with...just the results are what everyone is judged on. It's like when the Cubs signed Heyward. One of the most coveted free agents in years. The move wasn't wrong. The results are....and the results get people in trouble. Really hoping Wentz will be ok. That schedule early on for Colts is brutal.
  12. One oddity I guess I'll throw out. I don't care about food problems or supply or covid or min wages or whatever.....but when a Quarter Pounder Value Meal is $9.30 or so....I refuse to eat at fast foods altogether. Family of 4 at McD's is about $40. Haha.
  13. As many know I'm a Bears guy first but cheer for the Colts plenty. Colts are making their best attempt at being like my Bears. Some really, really good parts (D, Run game,etc) but not the most important one either because of injury....or honestly just Luck quitting. That move alone has and will continue to set the Colts back.
  14. Lots of strange on this one. Injury was either hidden....or the Mets knew about and wanted him to have surgery and the player didn't want to have surgery. I know they get another pick next year but missing out on first rounders catches up eventually.
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