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  1. We almost got in trouble because it's a code that's only known to a few so I guess it popped up on some systems check when people in NYC, Chicago, Indy, Charlotte, LA and South Florida were all watching at same time. Kind of hard to be in 6 places at once.
  2. Awesome and very, very underrated venue. Cheap Trick and 38 Special coming this Spring.
  3. Here's a Ferris Bueller saying getting ready to happen. So my good friends brother's roommate in college was the lead design guy for the MLB App. Funny part he doesn't even like baseball....but he would give us the code each year to get all the games for free on our phone. I don't even bother with it anymore. Baseball and my Cubs have broken my spirit in recent years.
  4. One more fun fact with Brady retiring. There is officially no more active athletes in the world that were drafted by the Montreal Expos.
  5. The same thing that almost allowed Maryland to win at Purdue last week is ultimately (plus us being down 2 guys) what caused us to lose. Pressuring our guards. Coincidentally enough I think we can cause the same pressure to Loyer and Smith Saturday. I'm done with Maryland. Onto Purdue.
  6. Why?? I'm sure it's just negotiation but MLB man. Between local blackouts, finding a platform that will stream Cubs channel...and all these other rules? They continue to find ways to bring less viewers.
  7. So we do these meals a couple of Mondays each month for some folks who need a little help. We've been trying to teach them how to cook/eat/shop on a budget. Anyway the meal count is for 90. We are doing a Mexican theme for the next one and I ran across Iberia Spanish Rice on Amazon. For under $8 each it serves 34 people. Has anyone ever tried this brand? I was going to go to Gordon Food Services for bulk items but when I started looking at their prices their stuff is actually more expensive than Walmart/Kroger,etc..
  8. I didn't see it posted anywhere unless I'm just not seeing it but Miller committed yesterday. 6'5 240...I'm always curious how much guys like Gronk and Kelce have changed the TE position forever. That size frame 10 years ago was let's put some weight on you and get you on the line. Now it's perfect TE frame. Haha.
  9. One other thing this guarantees. Rodgers is definitely going to come back for another year. He doesn't want to enter the Hall of Fame the same time as Brady and be overshadowed.
  10. If I'm Jimmy G...I'd have my agent on the phone saying lets figure something out. Stay in the NFC, you have great weapons in place and who wouldn't want to be in the NFC South. Winnable division right away.
  11. Simply put the greatest at his position. Now what do you do if your Fox? Olsen I think has been doing a great job. Do they kick him to the curb and bring TB in right away? I know the answer is yes but Olsen will probably get picked up by someone else asap.
  12. And the double dribble call besides being absolutely BS....the ref who called it didn't call right away it was like 1.5 second delay. As if some hilljack from the seats yelled double dribble and he blew the whistle.
  13. I'm kidding when I say this because I think we're thinking or saying the same thing but you think not having Xavier and Geronimo actually impacted the game? Hahahaha to some of our fans. Of course it does.
  14. Those two are the one's that really sent me over the top. I mean we can all figure out a way to try and point away from the obvious if that makes each poster feel better....citing poor guard play, poor defense or whatever but at end of day the difference in this game was 29-12 at the FT Line and garbage calls/sequences like the two you mentioned by officials. Wouldn't even bother looking at the tape.
  15. Apologies gang. One of the worst predictions ever. I will say this though. This was just a bad game. Difference I know is a good team just has a bad game and that's what this one was...just a bad game. Throw the tape in the garbage and get ready for Saturday.
  16. So Miller break his nose there? That looked bad.
  17. Kind of what I'm thinking. As bad as I think it's been called or even played with dumb turnovers....it's right there to get one where no other Big10 team has won.
  18. Maybe just me. Some of you guys are looking for a reason to pounce on certain players. 5 game winning streak and let's light these guys up mode seems to be the keyboard warrior night.
  19. Couldn't make it for sure but looked the IU staff went at officials at halftime.....all 3 were getting yelled at by us.
  20. Update. Woody definitely getting a T tonight. He's had it with about 18 calls.
  21. Not a good 4 minute stretch. Keep this thing within 5 as we head to half. Don't let their 4k fans around the court get into this thing anymore. PS....Woody is getting a T tonight. He's had it with the one official.
  22. Considering TJD has been mostly silent. They've been bailed out by 3 3's....and we have a lead on the road? Good start in my book.
  23. Ticks me off to no end. ESPN News the only one not taken by a game?
  24. Any of you coaches answer me this. What exactly is desired result from running a weave 25 feet from the hoop using 10-12 seconds of shot clock? For the life of me besides angles what's the goal doing that out there every single possession? I see so many teams do it. Just curious.
  25. Even though we beat them by 16 I could see Hoiberg had himself a team. Will probably fall short as most Big 10 road teams do but he's got something there. I expect a few more wins for them at home. Shoot they had Purdue dead to rights.
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