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  1. Stop the presses #2!! The Yankees beat the Rays tonight 1-0 in a real pitchers duel!! Gerrit Cole went 8 strong innings striking out 12 and allowing only 4 hits! He is the real deal. Yanks are now only 1 game back of the Sawks! Go Yankees
  2. Well, the New York Yankees announced today that 7 staff members have tested positive for the covid. However, all 7 have been fully vaccinated with the J&J vaccine!! They're calling it the "breakthrough" covid virus??
  3. Make more money by staying home.... 🙄
  4. Punchin' Donuts!! Looks like a manager punched out a 77 year old customer and fell backwards and hit his head on a concrete floor. WOW! Dunkin' Manager Kills Customer With Punch: Cops - WOW! (wowway.net)
  5. LOL!! Have I mentioned I come by my fandom naturally after growing up in upstate New York?? Growing up, they were the only thing on TV and radio at the times.
  6. Stop the presses!! The Yankees beat the Rays last night 3-1! And Chapman did not blow the save!! The Rays have owned the Yanks recently, so maybe things will turn around for them.....
  7. Sadly, I have a brother serving time in federal prison for possession of child porn. You think you know someone, (all my life), then you find out there is another part of them. He's been there about 4 years and I still have not come to terms with it. Plus, he is a grandfather as well. So very sad..
  8. OK.... Well last week, on a whim, I registered for some lottery tickets for the annual Synchronous Firefly show in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I've heard they are very difficult to get. Lo and behold, I received an e-mail letting me know I was chosen to receive the tickets!! It is for June 8th (Tuesday). From what I have gathered, there are only 2 places in the world where this phenomena occurs, the Smoky Mountains and the other is somewhere in Asia. My daughter and her husband had went camping in Elkmont campground a few years ago. She said she noticed many people carrying lawn c
  9. WOW!! IU soccer is amazing! Now if only the IU mens' BBall team can get their act together....
  10. Good win, but man, what's with all the yellow cards? Were they all against the Hoosiers?
  11. YIKES!! Looks like there was more than magic involved??? Seems like people look for an advantage to win, no matter what the sport is.
  12. I'll be raising a toast to my mom! Great Lady, I miss her....
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