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  1. We'll see, not too optimistic. Pains me to say, but I think it's PeeUU and everybody else in the B1G this year.....
  2. It was nice being in the top 25 though... even if it was for only a few days.
  3. That's how it went for the Watford brothers.....
  4. I know where you're coming from and I think most fans do.... ๐Ÿ˜˜
  5. Looks like a lot of people are taking notice of the Lady Hoosiers!! It was nice to see a packed crowd at the stadium! Nothing against BTN, but this game should have been on ESPN, just sayin".....
  6. I also felt this was a trap game against a lesser opponent
  7. No Yankees?? Need to get another Indiana kid in there, Don Mattingly!!!
  8. Still playing at Heritage Hills HS down here in southern Indiana....
  9. OK gang, living down here is southern Indiana, we here in Evansville are tired of the dismal showing of the Purple Aces year after year. But...... Guess who is tied for the OVC lead?? Why it's the newcomer, the USI Screamin' Eagles!!! How about that in their first year of Div. 1??? Go Eagles!!
  10. This guy would take issue with you, I tend to agree....
  11. Nothing to do with basketball.... But Bluey is my 2 year olds favorite cartoon!! Bonjour
  12. And look what the former IU coach at Houston is doing, #1?? We'd all be ecstatic.....
  13. Watched this youtube video after the game and this perspective pretty much sums up how I feel about IU BBall right now, and the last several years.....
  14. I think we are witnessing another season going down the cr@pper....
  15. Got a game Sunday against NW, but I wonder with last night's loss, how far will the Hoosiers fall?
  16. Right now it's more fun watching PU vs. the Loosiers..... They are playing the brand of basketball us old timers like
  17. Maybe, but man you gotta give credit to Fletcher Loyer for making the 3, and as a freshman no less.
  18. Hope Trent enjoyed the game last night and took in the atmosphere and thought "man, I want to be a part of this"!!
  19. So... You convinced CMW is the right man for the job? ๐Ÿ™‚
  20. Plus IU scoring more points than them.... (you left out one)... ๐Ÿ˜‰
  21. Even with the beat down they put on the last 2 Top 10 teams??
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