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  1. He only played in 3 games last year according to ESPN. He has one sack in 2 years and 10 tackles.
  2. Whew! Are we in the final 16 now? Who do we have next?
  3. Sorry for being lazy, but is there more information about him? Is he coming from Northern Illinois?
  4. Wasn’t Strickland just on campus for an unofficial? I’m guessing it wouldn’t be him but a guy can hope, right?
  5. I doubt it, too, but was doing what everyone else does on the internet....speculating about an emoji!! Lol
  6. Maybe OSU cut the cord and not him??
  7. I saw a mock that had Whop going in round 7.
  8. Hoosiers win in PKs! That's six straight trophies for the good guys!!
  9. Going to bump this one....any news on this young man?
  10. Not an IU player. There was a fake Twitter account that said a Big Ten player put his name in the portal. So Jax deleted his post.
  11. I’d love to hear more about spring practice...who is making the most improvement, who is making a push to start or play a lot that we don’t know about, how do the new guys look to be fitting in?
  12. As always, thank you for the updates!
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