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  1. I obviously didn't link anything, but the Lafayette CJ/Indy Star is reporting that this is the last year for the Crossroads Classic.
  2. That’s the tweet I saw that made me ask if something was happening. Great news if he has!!
  3. Is a commitment happening here? Tomorrow maybe?
  4. I’m going to be really curious to see what Okie St tries to do. Do they try and block Oklahoma from leaving or do they try and hitch a ride with them or do they try to latch on to the BIG or PAC-12?
  5. Someone on the Rivals site says he is taking a visit in late July.
  6. Add Louisiana-Lafayette to the home schedule for next year.
  7. Crimson Quarry is reporting IU will host Northern Kentucky this season right before Christmas.
  8. That doesn’t look like an official visit. Looks like his officials are those listed in the fall. Do kids still just get five officials?
  9. Shockingly, I actually have some information on Buckley. I've been told he is a GREAT young man by someone who lives deep in the heart of.... I was also told that TAM is LOADED at WR. IU may be getting a young man who may be a back up at AM, but might start for a whole bunch of programs just because of AMs talent at WR. He was injured last year. This seems like a great fit to me. If he isn't good enough to play, then IU at least gets a great young man. If he is good enough to push Marshall and a couple of the other young WRs then we will be better off for the competition. I'm in.
  10. I thought about that the last time I posted. Sorry for my part in the tangent. Back on topic!
  11. Thanks. Very much appreciate your insight!
  12. You follow IU baseball closer than anyone. Has IU underperformed this year or are we about where we should be based on the current talent?
  13. Oh Westfield still is growing for sure. Didn’t mean to imply that they weren’t. Again, they’re still catching up to the other county schools because they have room right now. But their township is smaller than Carmel-Clay. My guess is they’ll eventually get to 3500 maybe 4000 students with graduation classes of 1000.
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