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  1. I heard Chris Mack talk yesterday on the radio down here in Jeff and he said that he had zoom meetings with Archie and Sean about different philosophies
  2. I'm seeing that Terrence Clarke has passed away in a car wreck. I remember meeting him at a IU football game...terrible news
  3. I think Loving Watts can play at a Nebraska type of program...he lives down the street from me and I see him putting the work in every day...Jeff should have a dangerous team next season
  4. Top 5 in the big ten...make the tournament
  5. No other great at any school get as much disrespect as he gets from us
  6. There pretty damn good at everything these days...
  7. I thought I heard something about Silver Creek taking Madison's spot in the HHC
  8. If it's Lewis or Fife I would expect one of them to be the next coach....
  9. If those two grew up in my neighborhood we all would pick on them every day...especially Goodman's punchable face
  10. Hoiberg?!...the only thing that comes to mind about him is the last night of basketball last year in the btt and how he looked like he was dying...he did build his Iowa State teams off of transfers...but I wouldn't be excited if we hired him...
  11. Scott Davenport...he coached Allan Houston in high school and was Crum and Pitino's assistant at UofL
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