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  1. Yup and another will be coming as well (have no clue but probably another B12 or maybe a Pac-12 team).
  2. I'd love to add Kansas and UConn purely for basketball.
  3. Oh I agree, I don't like it one bit. Hate it in fact. I hope it doesn't happen but looks more and more likely.
  4. Kansas, Oklahoma State, Iowa State & Baylor have reportedly all reached out to the Big Ten in some capacity. Twenty teams is what the SEC is going for and what the end game will probably be. Honestly, i'd take all four and then take two huge swings at schools like Clemson, Notre Dame, USC, Oregon, UCLA, Texas A&M and maybe a couple of others. Miss out on them, then move to add a couple of east coast schools as dancing partners for Maryland/Rutgers/Penn State. Syracuse, UConn, Pittsburgh, Boston College and one or two others would be targets.
  5. Take it FWIW. Warren needs to get a grip on the situation and land the first blows. Pretty obvious what the SEC is trying to accomplish. https://sports.yahoo.com/latest-conference-realignment-rumor-states-123925223.html
  6. And that absolutely sucks. But it is what it is.
  7. I despise their fan base and how they look down on IU. They would be an awesome addition, but if they got left out to dry, it would be kind of hilarious.
  8. Keep an eye on the ACC, they'll probably get raided as well.
  9. Sneaky good pickup. Going to be a very good player down the road imo.
  10. It would definitely be Iowa State if we take another from Big 12. Possible the B1G looks east again to add a fourth dancing partner for Maryland/Penn State/Rutgers.
  11. My wife knows people that are heavily connected with UK & Vandy (take it fwiw). SEC might be looking to get to 20 teams, Texas and Oklahoma is just the start. Look for them to try and raid the ACC if this all goes down. Only conferences not in a panic atm is SEC (obviously), Big Ten, Pac-12 and Big East.
  12. Fouls is like the Kevin Bacon of the marriage world.
  13. Tom Allen and staff are just crushing it. Pretty awesome honestly.
  14. Happy early father's day to everyone. Thought i'd share something my wife got me for father's day (she obviously gave it to me early lol). To say it was awesome was an understatement, especially coming from one of my favorite players ever. A.J. Moye wishing me happy father's day
  15. Really like the black warm-ups with the red Indiana. Wouldn't mind seeing a black alternate uniform.
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