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  1. My thing is, is balancing classes even a thing anymore with as much turnover as there is (portal, g-league, draft, overseas, etc.)?
  2. I think they all made the Big Ten all-defensive team at one point.
  3. Question now is, is someone else coming in to takeover Roberts' spot.
  4. Forgot about Mangas. Would take him or Bates.
  5. Having a post that can stretch the floor would really open things up for our wings/guards.
  6. I'd take Manek & Bates and be very happy with that.
  7. From the surface, this seems to be an encouraging hire imo.
  8. Him and Trace would be nice in the frontcourt. How many openings do we have right now?
  9. I'd take two out of any of Keion Brooks, Tamar Bates, Jabari Smith & Noah Locke.
  10. Exactly. The game has changed, time to change along with it if there's any hope of this program contending and not being just another footnote.
  11. Woodson, Fife, Lewis and Hunter would be one of the very best staffs in the country if this happens. Add Sean May to DOBO, with Matta also around in another role. Wow. Still kind of surprised Woodson didn't bring an "NBA person".
  12. Hard pass. Might be able to get a gig at Iona though..
  13. Yeah, Adidas is more or less garbage. Would love to make the switch to Nike or Jordan Brand.
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