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  1. From Draft Room.com concerning Jalen Jalen Hood Schifino – PG – Indiana – One of the breakout stars of the season, JHS is a first round lock who could slide into the late lottery. Not sure he should leave if he is late lottery. Just my opinion. I think with NIL he should shoot for to 10 if possible by playing next year. And i am not at all being selfish and wanting him back 😉😉
  2. So i assume we won't hear from JHS until after the NBA combine where he gets feedback. Still assume he is going to jump to the NBA but you never know
  3. Tre is too streaky. Disappears when he is needed most. Makes some really dumb mistakes for someone who should have a good BBIQ. Should be a 6th man off the bench, not a starter in my opinion. Agree on bates
  4. Agreed. Just waiting to see if they can/do revamp the roster. Would love to see a quality big, wing and guard join the team. Players with real skills that can compete at the Power 5 level.
  5. Going to have to wait and see what the portal brings us. Just what we have on the bench isn't going to cut it next year. Nothing about any of our players progressions over the last 2 years tells me Bates and Tre are going to be huge next year for us. Our freshman other than Malik barely made the floor so lets expect a normal progression for them. We're losing an all American big and most likely our NBA talented guard. XJ at point should make us better but is that enough. Mentioned this in another thread but i am tempering my expectations for next year. Reloading and recruiting year. Compete for upper middle of the pack and a tournament birth. Of course that changes if we bring in a volume shooter/scorer and a top quality big/wing from the portal. But all things considered, we have a bench with players who need another couple years to contribute. I am not being pessimistic or down on the team, just think we have alot of raw talent that will need a couple years to come to fruition.
  6. Honestly i am expecting a down year next year with what we loss and most likely changing how we run our offense. But that is ok if we continue to have a good recruiting cycle and target the portal. Anything above 7th in the B1G and making the dance would be ok with me. I have lowered my standards for success these days.
  7. agreed. he wasn't cheated of anything. He had 5 years to do what he did to break a record that took the leader 3. Should have played better in the last game. Shouldn't have been help to what like 4 points in the second half. Play better or accept you had your shot and came up short. Nothing wrong in being number 2 for along time most likley
  8. agreed. I don't care if we have 7' players as long as we have players who can shoot, defend and score at all 3 levels. We need knock down 3 point shooters who will put up 20 shots a night and make 35%. We need crash the boards and putback point wings and guards. We need slashers who can get to the rim and line. We need defenders who know how to switch and when to double and not.
  9. This is even worst "We did receive unsolicited emails and voicemails about Detroit Mercy and some said we don't ever want Pete Maravich's record broken," said Rick Giles, president of the Gazelle Group that runs the CBI. "The decision we made wasn't based purely on whether we wanted him to break the record or not." Shouldn't have been based at all on whether you want a record broke or not.
  10. To many minutes for TJD. Tired legs for 2 months straight. Asked to much of him. You could see it in his free throw shooting. Race was hobbled most of Feb and March and although did well offensively at moments, never really rebounded like he used to. No time for JG/Malik impacts the rebounding ability. JHS and TG just didn't rebound well as guards. We just didn't attach the boards like alot of teams do. We watch alot of basketball and don't participate in basketball alot of the time. Could also be due to the constant hedges, help defense and switching leaves guys in bad position to rebound, but this is just a random guesses and anyone with solid basketball knowledge could say i am wrong. So I don't know.
  11. 10mil difference from 15 to 5. Can he play himself into top 5 next year? Maybe. He has the size and definitely the talent. If he could settle in around 20+ points a game and a good t/a ratio he could easily be a top 5 pick with his tools. Is the risk of injury playing on what could be a inferior talented team which could cause him not to be as free to do what he does worth it? Would it lower his stock? I would love to have him another year. I think he will be very special next year if he stays. Also i guess it could depend on how much money they can get him with the NIL, could be able to offset the loss of the 3mil paycheck next year if he goes. Will be interesting to see what happens. I hope he decides quickly though so we can hit the portal hard.
  12. I was at the Kansas/Arkansas game tonight and it was freaking electric in the place. Such a great set of games. Even the Texas/PSU was good
  13. Now if Purdue can lose in the first round and we run to the final 4, TJD will win the Nation Player of the Year Award. And Purdue would look stupid, that would be the best year ever.
  14. I watched this movie exactly once and refuse to watch it again. It is incredibly sad and heartwarming. Most dog movies make me cry. This is one of them Also, i am really sorry to hear about your loss of your puppers. I lost one of mine last year. Hurts entirely too much.
  15. I mean i hope we get a shot at Huston, which mean Kent State and Miami get taken down, but i am just nervous
  16. I would hope not, but i won't be surprised with how inconsistent we are on the road
  17. I guess its possible he could come back but being projected top 15 is usually a "he's gone" slot. He showcased enough to get paid well in the draft. He is obviously an NBA talent and everyone knows it. Big Guards who would grow more on an NBA squad than at IU, regardless of Woodson being an old NBA guy. 100% work on game with zero conditions and making more than he can from NIL. Just feels like unless we're set up for WIN IT ALL scenario next year there isn't much more to show. I mean he can get better in a lot of areas, but NBA scouts know what he is capable of what they can expect from him. Just my thoughts. Really i expect him to announce immediately after we lose to Kent State that he is gone. I kid, i kid, he will wait a couple day LOL
  18. Only possible way JHS comes back is if TJD comes back. If they both decided they wanted to make a run with X then that is the only way i see him coming back. And i don't see that happening at all.
  19. I hardly saw any screening for their guards. They take you one on one or pass it wound alot to try and make the drive.
  20. I hope they end up in Des Moines again like they did 6 years ago when i watched IU beat Kentucky in the round of 32. I had no voice after and i have tickets again this year. Would love to see the matchup again there. Although i know it won't happen
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