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  1. We are forever done with saying its IU who are the delusional fans. Waiting for Goodman and Rothstein to turn heel and say this is plausible too.
  2. this is what a major rebuild looks like by the way. Nothing like what Archie was framed to have inherited.
  3. Surely he would be done. You have to be all in or all out when you're in the middle of a close seeding race for the playoffs.
  4. From the peegs discord chatter, peegs seems to believe the search is currently focused on Brad and will not be moving on until we get a definitive yes or no from him. I understand this is still an unlikely and uphill commitment to nab, but at the very least I can respect Dolson for swinging for the fences as he should.
  5. Rabjohns just posted that the coaching search might not take much longer and that the backchatter has been Brad Stevens...
  6. the amount of hopium i have consumed concerning the seemingly increasingly plausible scenario brad stevens could take the IU job could kill the average man
  7. I can't disagree with the latter half of your post at all. We get in our own way so often and it sucks to see/watch. But at this point, we have already dragged ourselves through proverbial mud for several years and I think at some point we have to abandon our insecurities. We are a bad program on the verge of being permanently average. We have to be irrationally positive right now to keep the sentiment alive that IU deserves a big name coach, or else we will never get it done.
  8. And I'm saying who cares? Why does that matter at all to any of us? I do think I misread you though so I apologize, but why is this even something to think about?
  9. What was said was we are nationally embarrassing ourselves for even thinking he would come here. I'm saying this self defeatist attitude will put us firmly at an unproven mid major coach as our ceiling. If you aren't explicitly saying don't offer him, I guess I don't know why it would matter to you what the national media thinks of the prospect. It's just irrelevant to what we have in front of us.
  10. Where does this logic end by the way guys? Should we not offer Drew or Beilein? And what is the rationalization? Offering Brad Stevens and him saying no would be embarrassing? We embarrass ourselves on a weekly basis for 40 minutes already. Where this pride is coming from is beyond me.
  11. I hope anybody who doesn't want us to throw an offer at someone because there is a strong chance they decline is happy with the next mid major hire we get.
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