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  1. Gut feeling, but I think IU has a better shot than some might think.
  2. Do you know something? Or are you just guessing.
  3. I’m on my phone and it doesn’t let me edit titles unless I’m on my computer. Annoying. I’ll change it when I get home.
  4. Top Five: Alabama, Oregon, Indiana, Clemson, Ohio State https://www.instagram.com/p/CRrWJSBtKRM/
  5. Land JHS and a transfer and the 2022 class is a very good class. I think Banks is underrated nationally. He's oozing with potential.
  6. Boom! Seems like a solid addition. Moving to the General forum.
  7. Yeah, he’s gonna be a fan favorite for sure. Absolutely huge that we got him to flip. He is a beast.
  8. Strickland commented on James Jointer’s instagram a while ago telling him to flip to IU, posting LEO all the time, and interacting with IU commits more than any other school’s by far the whole time. I love the IU guys sh*t talking.
  9. It’s been a while, but I do remember there was some time where he said in an interview, or somebody credible posted on Twitter or somewhere that he wanted to study business in college. Who knows. We’ll see at noon.
  10. Just saw your post after I posted that. I saw his story but didn’t read into anything that much. It could very well be Purdue, but he honestly seems to just be messing with everyone at this point.. The whole 6am announcement stuff, posting a bunch of IU stuff, etc. None of the recruiting guys have any idea either. I will not be surprised no matter who he chooses. He’s definitely trying to keep everyone guessing.
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