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  1. Tom Brady announces his retirement. Sounds like he's actually done this time around.
  2. Beat the s**t out of Purdue.
  3. I was just trying to say if we found a way to win it’d be very impressive. We’ll be fine. Not going to win every game.
  5. Great teams find a way to win games like this.
  6. Call a timeout maybe? Lol
  7. Kopp is going to drive me nuts. Pump fakes every time he catches it. SHOOT!!
  8. They aren’t playing great either. Go on a run and win this game.
  9. That isn’t a play on the ball?
  10. This officiating is brutal.
  11. Hopefully we can get healthy for the big game. Injuries were absolutely brutal last night. Major props to Spags and the defense.. Consistently playing their best football when it matters since his hiring. Mahomes is just unreal. I was ecstatic when we drafted him, but never could have imagined what he's doing. Mahomes/Burrow/Allen in the AFC is going to be fun to watch for a long time.
  12. Of course. Losing Sneed would be very very bad for the Chiefs.
  13. 5 in a row in the Big Ten. 4 by double digits. Playing some great basketball. Props to Woody and staff. This team can win some games in March.
  14. Galloway being able to consistently knock down the 3 is so big.
  15. Gotta come out in the second half with that same energy. This team is just fun to watch. Feels good.
  16. Big game JHS might be the best player in America.
  17. I'm looking for a late comeback 49ers @ Eagles (-2.5) Bengals @ Chiefs (-1.5)
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