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  1. I’m guessing UNC. His brother (J.P. Tokoto) played there.
  2. I remember a similar-ish situation happening in a Cubs/Cards game a while back. Cards had a runner on 3rd with less than 2 outs and the batter hit a pretty shallow pop up that Starlin Castro had to go back on but was an easy play. He was super nonchalant and the runner noticed and scored for a sac fly. Maddon benched him immediately lol.
  3. True but they’re also 20 years apart. I think they know of each other but that’s it. Interesting offer for many reasons IMO.
  4. Not going to lie I was surprised you guys offered him. I think he’ll commit to Purdue sooner rather than later.
  5. Best catcher of his generation is a big deal.
  6. I mean I agree he’s not on par offensively but Yadi’s defense would’ve carried over to any era.
  7. Cool with me. Guy deserves it.
  8. Just tied Johnny Bench in hits today. Not too shabby.
  9. Yadi throws a guy out from his knees today lol. When will they learn?
  10. Pretty tough to compare against different time periods don’t you think? 40% caught stealing is damn good.
  11. Yadi has thrown out 50% of base stealers. That’s absurd.
  12. I still have high hopes but our front court will be really crowded so that might hurt. We shall see. I’ll never count us out on a Gary recruit haha.
  13. It’ll be really interesting to see what happens with Washington. Unless something changed recently, he doesn’t have an official scheduled to either IU or Purdue yet.
  14. Not having on-campus visits plus a few sub-par years certainly hasn’t helped. But bringing Hagen back is already paying dividends. Great hire IMO. Will really help in the Strickland recruitment.
  15. Cardinals getting no-hit by Charlie Morton 😂
  16. Wasn’t serious about the goat comment lol. But he’s a shoe-in HOF’er.
  17. Yadi the goat wins it! If only we could play bad teams all the time lol.
  18. Hey if you’re going to suck, don’t half-ass it right? Maybe they’ll actually do something about it.
  19. 2 hits and getting shut out. All you can do is laugh. What a trainwreck.
  20. With Martinez pitching, it’s all but a certainty. I’d put money on it if you were a betting man.
  21. Sounds like TKR may have broken his hand unfortunately.
  22. Cardinal pitching leads all of baseball in walks, HBP, and walks with the bases loaded. Maddening.
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