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  1. Everyone complains about guys being soft these days, but you're upset that they are ribbing a guy (who picked our arch rival) on Twitter? Come on now.
  2. Yeah, who cares if players talk smack, that's what I want my teams to do, show some moxy. Now when adults troll teenagers, that's a whole different deal. Like I can't believe adults ever troll kids online, like what losers. For example, some PU dude (ILLBoiler I do believe?) was trolling K. Lander about how he sucks and how dumb it was that he was trying to get sponsorship deals. What a total dork.
  3. If he ends up at PU, so be it. We’ve been kicking their ass on and off the field the last few years, so it’s hard to complain about losing a couple of recruiting battles. At the end off of the day, it’s about the results on the field.
  4. I went to North Side. Although South Side are our "arch rivals" (pun intended), our biggest games in almost all sports were against Snider and Dwenger. Primarily because of proximity and having friends/people you knew who went to those schools. Concordia too, but their football team was never great. Northrop was a bit inconsistent and not very close (relative). It's much different these days because of the changing demographics and being able to choose (basically) where you want to go to school. North Side has really been impacted in a negative way by people moving away from the older neighborhoods.
  5. I think, "F" Snider. When I was in school, they were our biggest rivals. Them and Dwenger.
  6. Beat OSU, you have a chance. It's coming. That being said, the divisions need to be re-aligned. Why not just re-align them every 10 years or something?
  7. I don't like it when kids leave the state and go to UNC or Duke.
  8. We weren't interested or he wasn't a good fit or we decided to go in another direction or something like we didn't want him anyways.
  9. Yes, the story with Fife was a mental health issue/anxiety. He started taking Zoloft and it helped calm his nerves. He talked about this on an episode of Hoosier Hysterics.
  10. Fife should be able to reach this guy. He's just lost all confidence and needs to have some fun out there and relax. My hope is Woody lets these guys have some fun. I am not blaming Archie per se, but the team played tight under him. Let these guys loose.
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