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  1. A 6’5 kid who also plays basketball and has speed is one hell of a matchup problem and weapon to have in the red zone…just an added bonus that Scott Frost really wants him. I really hope he joins
  2. “A bloop double and a seeing eye single”…um, is this some hip TikTok speak I’m unaware of???
  3. Lol, one of these things is not like the others….but that being said, does he want to be great, stand out, help build something special with friends and family in attendance or does he want to blend in, wait in line and risk getting passed over???
  4. First and foremost, these are kids doing kid things. Also, they’re not friends and they barely know each other off social media. Personally, I’m surprised there’s not way more of this in general. As for the adults “in the room”, we should be taking the high road and wishing him well but the harmless smack talk amongst kids, I think, is healthy…normal competitive behavior
  5. It’s either intentionally throwing people off or a slip up. He also said he wants to study engineering. All material signs point away from Bloomington.
  6. All that matters is cable subscriptions. NJ and NY cable companies make BTN standard as a result of Rutgers. Otherwise it’s ala carte or shoved to the most expensive channel tier and thus millions less in revenue
  7. I think Monds and Hoover will approach 4 star status before their seasons are up also. Rivals has them on the cusp already
  8. Any word on Jaylin Williams? I can’t find anything regarding the latest hit and run incident as to who was driving his car or if charges were pending.
  9. Exactly. It’s only one unknown kid so I completely agree. We used to have 3-5 recruits per year at a similar stature. CTA has a knack for finding potential on the defensive side of the ball and developing it so maybe this kid can turn into a Marcelino Ball or McFaddon caliber player…if not, you always need more speed on the scout team. Picking up a recent offer from FSU is nothing to to scoff at either. He also clearly hasn’t been evaluated by the recruiting sites so I expect this to change at some point in his senior season and he’ll have a rating.
  10. Football programs need to smarten up and put down better sideline material. Kids get hurt all the time trying to stop on slippery material or in some corner areas there’s not enough room with no wall padding.
  11. Not just IU. Anyone overlooking what Rutgers is putting together is being naive. They have a TON of talent coming up. If both programs continue on this path, all the schools in the East will demand a change, including OSU. It’d be insane not too. Hell Maryland might threaten to leave the conference otherwise.
  12. 247 is way better in terms of up to date info at least for IU. I barely even look at Rivals for this very reason
  13. Because it’s based on progam talent and not geography. I already mentioned in another thred that the north/south is the only geo based method that works but as others have pointed out, even that only does so if IU and Rutgers continue to improve and stay consistent.
  14. I think a Penn St for Illinois or Purdue is a fair swap
  15. I have to Imagine Nebraska will find a way to be relevant again and if Rutgers is going to recruit like this under Schiano, they’ll be at the top of the conference in no time. It’s not perfect but it’s better than what we have now.
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