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  1. I’d be surprised if any team has ever won a game at this level with a 1-14 night from their PG. It’s a staggering stat line.
  2. The officiating was crap but we also commit a TON of dumb fouls. We were jumping at their shooters instead of closing out and getting out of position & reaching in all night. Also, you don’t win games when your PG shoots 1-14 and has twice as many turnovers than assists. At some point it’s Woody’s fault for not reigning him in or taking him off the court.
  3. If JHS isn’t going to distribute the ball he can’t be on the court. Know when you don’t have it and do something to help your team win or sit.
  4. Straight up M2M sure, but not in team defense when you’re constantly having to communicate pick and rolls and switches. Having a feel for help side defense at a higher level also takes getting used to. Everyone on this team has gotten absolutely embarrassed at times on defense, including TJD. It happens. I just don’t think there’s a large enough sample size on Gunn yet. He doesn’t have the minutes/commit enough errors to be relevant in that discussion yet. If anyone needs to get better in this system it’s JHS but even the most gifted freshman are still freshmen.
  5. I can’t imagine anyone who’s played /coached basketball at any level above “pee wee” agreeing with this. JHS used to be constantly praised for his “speed” control, dictating vs pressing. That’s 100% rhythm, confidence and experience. Not getting sped up, knowing where your teammates will be, knowing how defenses will react comes with floor time. On the defensive side, floor communication is critical when our philosophy is to switch 1-4 and often every position. If you’re not doing that at game speed on a regular basis, you’re not going to be good at it. Point being, JHS makes the same mistakes as Gunn and the only way Gunn will improve in these areas is consistent playing time. He has 5 turnovers on the season in over 130 minutes. It’s the exact TO to Minutes ratio as Galloway and Bates. Why are you picking on Gunn?
  6. Race played fine on defense but TJD needed Malik’s help on the offensive end. I’d be curious to see what MR’s +/- was because neither he or Race appeared to be more effective than the other on Battle.
  7. Rhythm is critical for most basketball players, it’s required for jump shooters. You can’t have rhythm without confidence and that’s hard to come by without experience/minutes. It’s impossible to assess his game with the playing time he’s given. JHS is the most turnover prone guy on the team who takes more forced shots than anyone but he has all the “rope” he wants. Gunn isn’t going to shine until he sees consistent playing time.
  8. He’s the worst perimeter defender in the history of IU Power Forwards. Letting him guard Battle was gross negligence in the first place. This is inexcusable.
  9. How is Malik on the bench right now?
  10. Trey has been all over the place. If not for that last 3, he’s arguably played just as bad and out of control as JHS. Both need to settle down and these “coaches” need to start making these guys follow a game plan or sit on the bench. All we need are guys facilitating in the backcourt and hitting wide open shots.
  11. It wasn’t meant as a dig towards you and more of a general statement/observation. I even quoted another similar comment from this thread. I’m sorry it came off that way
  12. What does “this is shockingly wrong” or “couldn’t disagree with this more” bring to the discussion besides portraying the notion that you know more than someone else? Come with retorts or perhaps don’t post at all. Posts like these are what derail threads and get people heated/talking sh*t for no reason. It’s ok to express a differing opinion.
  13. What exactly does Kopp do on either end of the floor that Bates and Galloway can’t? Kopp was getting so abused by Hauser early that Gallo/Geronimo had to cover him the rest of the game. Just because those two are more comfortable at the 2 doesn’t mean they can’t or shouldn’t play the 3. The bigger issue with starting Galloway is that there’s no one off the bench to spell JHS until XJ gets back. This rotation would be much better on both ends of the court with TJD; Malik/Geronimo; Bates; Galloway & JHS.
  14. Really wish this team could learn to play solid defense without fouling.
  15. Rams have 5 wins so the Colts are now 3rd at best (#1 Bears, #2 Texans) and now need Denver and Arizona to win because the Colts would have one less loss due to their week 1 tie. If both lose, Colts pick 5th.
  16. All of this as well as we foul entirely too much. The defensive effort and execution on Buie was embarrassing. We also can’t afford 9 turnovers from our two best players. The offense isn’t the problem, everything else is.
  17. I have zero reason to think that but if he somehow does, it would make our staff look like a bunch of clowns who benched a team captain who’s not only far better than Bazelak but good enough to lead a playoff contender. I don’t know why he’d transfer again just to sit the bench…again. I thought it was a weird move on his part. Obviously Harbaugh sees something in him or he wouldn’t be burning a scholarship
  18. Him actually playing at Michigan after sitting the bench at IU behind the likes of Bazelak would shine an undeniable light on how inept our coaching staff and overall football program really is.
  19. I don’t like seeing guys jogging back in transition D while they get easy buckets. If you can’t play hard your talent really doesn’t matter. If you can’t get up for this game then basketball isn’t for you. When are we gonna start giving teams max effort?
  20. Refs better get security. This is getting ugly
  21. TJD and XJ need to show out in a big way in the 2nd half if we have any chance of winning this one.
  22. Fans here are gonna riot on these refs if they keep this clown show up
  23. TJD standing around while his man tied his shoe on the other end, letting Race go 1 on 1 in the post was ridiculous. The effort and BBall IQ needs to pick up
  24. Can’t win games on the road missing wide open shots and free throws. XJ is too talented to be shooting this poorly.
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