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  1. Not to interrupt this back and forth, but I'll never forget when Peyton Manning either broke or dislocated his jaw from a terrible hit against the Redskins years ago. He called timeout. By doing so, he didn't have to come off the field for one play due to an injury timeout. LeBron is great. One of the greatest, if not the greatest. But I will add. It doesn't help his cause when he completely flops and acts like someone broke his face off, when replay shows he wasn't touched, or barely touched for that matter
  2. Agreed. Doyel is a moron. Always tries to be "different". Mike's question was great.
  3. 1-2 million isn't life changing money? Really? Montgomery has a good family structure and a good head on his shoulders. They'll make sure he spends his money wisely. Minor league ball doesn't pay great outside the signing bonus, so it is important to put it away. And every person has to have their "red line". If I fall to "x" spot in the draft and only get "x" amount signing bonus, would I be better off in college? Every kid is going to have a different strategy and red line, and none is right or wrong. Colson could get drafted 1st round and pass on it to go to school. And that'
  4. What 18 year old will save his money? A kid with a good head on his shoulders and parents that have, and will make sure he does. He can play the game he loves and get paid. And assuming he goes in the top 3 rounds, what does he REALLY gain by going to college? What if he blows out his knee the year of the draft?
  5. He could easily go to college and pay for it with his nice signing bonus. A signing bonus he may or may not ever get if he goes to college.
  6. I think someone was tired of watching IU teams get beat up by Purdue bigs.
  7. Some guys throw a ton of $hit up against the wall, and when it sticks, they gloat. When it doesn't, they remain silent knowing most won't remember
  8. Yeah, not sure why everyone is begging for Brooks. Woodson made clear he wants kids that can shoot. Whether Brooks is a 3 or a 4, he would still need to shoot at a decent clip. And he never really has. I don't get it.
  9. Someone on btown banners said he and Kenya now follow each other
  10. I'm impressed how quickly we got a need filled. This team needed a shooter for four years.... And we never really got one. I would've taken a Matt Roth type kid if we had to. Woodson just landed an extremely athletic, top 50 shooter. Really excited to see how we decides to spend that last scholarship.
  11. Unbelievable pickup. In the past, being "in on" a recruit like this would mean we simply were in his final list of teams. To be able to get a kid like this is incredible. He's exactly what we need. Get a stretch 4 and we are set.
  12. If he got caught of doing something shady, how would he have been "cleared"?
  13. But aren't you sort of assuming "potential character issues"?
  14. Tre Mitchell and Locke would be Home Runs. Tre Mitchell would fit in well. Very curious if we've reached out.
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