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  1. A much needed win for the Reds and need to sweep the 4 game series. Good to see the bullpen pitch 4 scoreless innings. The disappointing part was Gray was given a 7-0 lead after 2 but couldn't get past the 5th inning. Just seems like Gray is just not his usual self this year. Also the offense went asleep after the second inning and didn't score after that inning.
  2. I don't think it would go down at all. The top teams would still get the best players available and compete for championships. When guys could go straight to the NBA it didn't hurt college basketball at all.
  3. Since June 1 his era is 1.91. He should have another 3 or 4 wins if the bullpen had not blown leads
  4. The name on the front of the jersey is what brings in the money not individual players. Players come and go but the brand stays the same
  5. I wouldn't watch the g league even if there is no college basketball I root for teams and not individuals so I would have no interest in any minor league basketball
  6. Saw on another site who said that IU might be going to cancel the trip to the Bahamas. I guess it is because of Covid but don't know if it is because it will be hard for the other team to travel
  7. Maybe I am the curse because it seems like all my teams just have bad luck. Right now for the Colts there is no Wentz, Nelson, Kelly, Fisher and Leonard. Right there is probably 5 of the top 6 players on the team
  8. When you couldn't think David Bell could be more stupid he never fails to surprise you. Up 5-4 in the 9th he brings in Hembree and his 2-5 record and his 4.79 era. He walks to the first two batters who were hitting .177 and .217. After a K he gives up a 3 run homer and lost the game. They are playing the Twins who is 44-62. Also the Twins have the worst bullpen on the AL but the Reds couldn't score against them on 4 innings. They have 3 new bullpen guys and Lorenzen is back. Those 4 gas combined to pitch 13 innings and gave up 1 unearned run. Cessa gave a run up in extra innings because someone was already on second. Hembree had given up runs in 3 straight games and walked the first batter in each game. So why I'm the hell does Bell have Hembree come in for a save. Also the Reds need to play every game on the road since they are 6 games above .500 on the road and 1 game under at home.
  9. I don't think even if they were willing to over pay that they would get top free agents to come.
  10. I wouldn't say that at all with Clowney and Shihfino sp? as good chances of commiting
  11. PJ Tucker at 2/15 and signed Butler to a max extension. I guess it is just frustrating as a Pacers fan this time of the year. When you know they won't go over the salary cap and see all of these other teams making huge signings is just frustrating
  12. I guess I don't understand how the salary cap works. On the NBA network just now said the Heat had no salary room yet they were able to sign and trade for all of these players. I know on the trade the salaries has to match but they were still able to sign other players
  13. Very good road trip for the Reds with a 5-2 record. Both losses were walk off losses. The thing is that that the last two months is the Refs have played well but have not made up any ground on the Brewers
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