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  1. Diaz came in with the bases loaded and struck out both hitters to get out of the inning.
  2. When will Bell learn not to pitch Strickland late with the lead. Up 8-5 in the 8th Strickland only got 1 out and left with the bases loaded. Gave up an infield single and 2 walks
  3. This Reds and Cubs game is the slowest moving game that I can remember. They just got through the second inning and it took 1 hr and 9 min. Cubs already had to make a pitching change and those pitchers already have thrown 82 pitches and the Reds pitcher has thrown 39 pitches. Reds up 4-2
  4. You must have motivated Aquino because he just hit a 3 run homer in the second inning
  5. I am not for expanding at all. From what I have heard from a lot of college basketball insiders they think eventually the tourny won't include any teams from the smaller conferences. They think it either be just teams from the power conference teams or just select the best 68 teams with no automatic bids.
  6. Those small schools making runs in the tournament is what makes it so special. Without those teams I feel it will hurt the tournament enjoyment.
  7. Play calling was very vanilla so I wouldn't take to much from this game. Also Taylor didn't play so that is a big part of the offense. I thought our defense played well until the 4th quarter and those players won't be on the roster come the regular season.
  8. This lineup sure probably scare a lot of pitchers LOL! Fraley .229 Senzel .242 Farmer .256 Votto .216 Salano .309 Reynolds .254 Aquino .181 Barrero .194 Papierski .132 Those 7-9 batters is just a joke and tonight they are a combine 0-6 with 5K's.
  9. From Pat Forde https://www.si.com/college/2022/08/12/sec-commissioner-greg-sankey-march-madness-expansion
  10. If he does that then bring him back but I highly doubt he will. Last was a good year but most of that was a hot 2 month period. The first couple months last year he was not hitting at all.
  11. Also never said I wanted those players for the long term just didn't know why they traded them for nothing. Also Votto will be back next year but his contract will be up and there is no reason to resign him.
  12. I wouldn't have a problem with those trades if it brought back players that have a chance to be contributors. Pham they got nothing back and for Naquin they didn't get any top prospects.
  13. Would rather be like them who makes the playoffs most years over not making the playoffs. Just have to come to the conclusion that teams like Reds can't build their roster like the Yankees and Dodgers do where you can buy your team. They can afford to spend money and over come mistakes they make in free agency or bad trades.
  14. To me that was what the Reds should have done with Votto 10 years ago. Never give a 10 year/250 . Mil contract to a 30 year old player. Can't use your heart when you are trying to build a roster to compete for the long run.
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