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  1. Well I really thought this 4 games series against the Rockies would get the Refs going but it is not. The Rockies is the worst team in the NL and had the worst pitching in baseball. Lost 13-8 last night and losing tonight 9-4 after 7.
  2. They need to send him down to the minors
  3. Reds lead MLB with 7 games of 10+ runs in a game
  4. The Reds the last 4 games are 2-2 despite being out scored 18-6. They played 37 innings in those games and only scored in 4 of those innings
  5. Well I was posting on ay phone during a break so I didn't proof read
  6. I would rather watch Belmont vs Murray St over any NBA game. I will watch the Refs in baseball and will watch most NFL games.
  7. He was at one time the leader in assists.
  8. In my lifetime I would say the best point guards I have seen at IU are. 1) IT. 2) Buckner. 3) Smart. 4) Yogi. 5) Lewis
  9. Just saw a stat that toe is not good for baseball. In April there were 1092 more strike outs than there were hits in the month and that to me is not good for the game. Also saw the Reds won 13-12 today but couldn't watch it today. We had a graduation party for my daughter who is getting her Masters degree in Social Work.
  10. Pacers wine 152-95 and that is a Pacers record for points in a game. It was a bad 4th quarter with them only 25 points after scoring 40+ points in the first 3 quarters. They had the lead up to 67 points and the product OKC put on the court is an embarrassment.
  11. After 3 the Pacers up 127-70. I think Sabonis had 25, 19 and 14
  12. Pacers is up at half against OKC 82-46. Sabonis at the half has 22, 11, 11. OKC had to be one of the worst NBA team I have ever seen
  13. Sabonis is back and his first quarter is pretty impressive. 8 points, 7 assist, 8 rebounds
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