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  1. Galloway getting into fo trouble was a key reason. We were a +1 when he was in the court and was the only one hitting from outside
  2. They said something like Woodson talks down to them like he is better since he came from the NBA.
  3. Another problem with this team is that we don't have enough guys who can get to the basket or get their own shots. Since we don't run ays to get our shooters open shots then we have to have players who can create for themselves or others.
  4. We will see what this team is made up on Saturday. We can't let this loss cause our season to spiral out of control with a long losing streak. In the past a loss at this time of the year we have had trouble over coming that loss. We better come out Saturday and play as hard as we have all year
  5. They brought that up but those coaches have relationships with the big ten officials and Woodson doesn't
  6. Guys on Assembly Call said they heard people talking about how Woodson talks to officials is a problem. They said that Woodson being from the NBA and how they talk to officials might be effecting how IU games are being called.
  7. Didn't read the game thread but did coach Shep post anything how well our guard play was tonight
  8. Woodson played for a coach who made teams pay for pressing. He wasn't worried about just breaking the press but he wanted to score off of the press.
  9. Lucky I am not the coach because I would get fined after a lot of games because I couldn't keep myself from ripping the officials.
  10. Also did you guys know that Maryland is undefeated at home in the conference. It is not like we didn't hear that stat 100 times by the play by play guy tonight.
  11. They missed 3 travels on Maryland in the first half.
  12. One key no call was when we cut it to 54-49 and JHS drove the lane and got clobbered but no call. After that we couldn't get any closer. It just seemed like things were off tonight and it looked like we couldn't even catch the ball cleanly.
  13. I don't think we had one ayer who I thought played real well. TJD had the numbers but I just didn't feel he played as good tonight as he had on the past 5 games. He turned the ball over and missed a lot of inside shots and didn't notice him on the defensive end. Besides TJD no one else played well at all and a lot of no shows. What is bad is that Maryland didn't really play well either but they played harder and with more energy. To me besides Purdue the rest of the big ten is filled with a lot of average to mediocre teams. When the second place team is 7-4 you know you don't have many great teams
  14. Terrible last 8 minutes of the half Still don't understand how some of our players play so well at home but are no shows on the road. When JHS plays well we are a very good team but when he plays like this we are not very good. Refs were horrible and missed 3 clear traveling calls on Maryland and are calling so many touch foulsnon us. It is time for Woodson to just go off and get T'D up
  15. You don't see the difference when the best players leave after 1 year compared to when they stayed 3 to 4 years. When the best players stayed it made for a better product and it made it easier to develop your team. Maybe it is just the style of play today that makes the game looks less talented to me. I don't see the pure shooters in college today but maybe that is because the offense doesn't try to get them open looks. If you put Alford in the corner and he had to wait for another player to drive and kick he wouldn't have been a great outside shooter. I guess for me the college game was just more appealing and fun to watch back then because I prefer that style of play. I also loved watching a team develop and grow over the years and you got to know the players better.
  16. There were plenty of games on back then even before cable . Channel 4 showed all of the IUband Purdue games including non conference games. NBC would show probably 4 games a week. After cable ESPN showed games daily except for Fridays. We had championship week and saw every conference championship game. To me the reason for the parity is that the difference between the top teams and the bottom teams are not that far apart. It isn't because more talent at the bottom but far less talent at the top of college basketball.
  17. I got to see all the big ten teams and what does the bad teams have to do with this discussion. I was talking about top 25 teams today compared to back then. I would think a person who has seen both has a little more to go on than not seeing the teams and players
  18. I got cable in 1984 and ESPN and they usually had at least two games a night. Monday was Big Monday withe Big East playing at 7 and at 9 it was the big ten. The Big West was on at midnight
  19. Let's look at the #1 team this year's roster vs 1989 national championship team and it isn't even close. Michigan PG Rumeal Robinson 6'3 1st round draft pick 2G Griffin 6'7 SF Glenn Rice 6'9 1st round draft pick PF Loy Vaught 6'9 1st round draft pick C. Chris Mills 6'10 1st round pick Purdue PG Smith 6'0 2G Loyer 6'3 SF Morton 6'5 PF Furst 6'9 C. Edey 7'4
  20. Wonder we he married this lady because that was not his wife on 87. They showed her in the stands more on the last 3 minutes of the game than they did the players.
  21. It is called the eye test and watching all the players mentioned. Edey is a great player today no doubt about it. Just watching the college game today and the talent level it isn't close to what it was in the 80's and 90's. Right now #11 Baylor is playing #10 Texas and those teams probably wouldn't be a top 25 back then.
  22. Maybe that has to do with the fact that Edey doesn't have to go against another big guy like those guys did. He does have something in common with Sampson and Olaguwan and that they haven't won a championship.
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